Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sports, sports, sports...

As you guys know, I love sports. They're kinda my thing. So, today I thought I'd just catch everyone up on my thoughts on different sports news.

* There is really no telling how Charlie Strong will do as the Cards Football coach, but things got off to a fantastic start yesterday.

The Cardinal football program is getting a lot of good press around the nation...and that hasn't happened for quite some time.

* With the hiring of a new head coach...the 2009 NCAA football season is officially over as far as I'm concerned. Even though I'll watch a bowl game or two...I hate them. College Football drives me crazy.

* So the talk of the College Basketball world these days is John Wall. He's a freshman for UK, you've probably heard about him. Let me go ahead and just say, the kid is a damn good. I'm not going to crown him the next Michael Jordan, but that kid has loads of talent and as much as I hate UK and him (because he goes to UK)...he really is fun to watch.

* Now that I've admitted that John Wall (a UK player) is pretty bad ass...I want to take care of two things:
1.) A quick memo to UK fans: If I pay your player a compliment...the correct thing to say is, "yeah, he's something else, isn't he?" or something like that. In no way should this turn into you bashing my team and explaining to me why I'm somehow jealous of you and your team. I know UofL has bad fans too and I know not all UK fans are bad...but honestly, stop being such annoying morons. Deal? Deal.
2.) Since I've admitted that John Wall is a helluva basketball player, can we all admit that "the John Wall dance" is really stupid and in reality, John Wall is a pretty crappy dancer (assuming that's the best he's got). For those of you that don't know, John Wall did this "fist twist" move earlier in the year and now it's "sweeping the nation." I actually looked at the Facebook group/page for "The John Wall Dance" the other day, just to see if I was missing something and there's this post about how some dude on the TV show "Cougar Town" was playing basketball and did the John Wall Dance afterward. I mean really? Cougar Town? I'm not trying to hate because, like I said, Wall is a great player...but when people start bragging about a fist move (I won't call it a dance) on Cougar Town...well I think that we should probably put the trend to rest. However, if Don Draper does the "John Wall Dance" on the next season of Mad Men...I'll take back what I said and admit that it's pretty cool.

* It's been decided that Steve Nash is my favorite NBA player. I'd like to say that Lebron James is my favorite, but he's been kind of a punk lately. He's constantly dancing on the court and doing things to show the other team up...I mean, he's the best player in the world...there's no need to dance. Also, Steve Nash not only likes to help others, but he's also hilarious:

* Dick Vitale is an idiot. I used to really love Dick Vitale. I thought his passion for the game was unmatched and he really brought a great deal of knowledge and excitement to college basketball. However, after hearing him call a few games this year...he's lost it. His whole routine is so played out. He just talks to make noise and he rarely if ever says something intelligent about the game he's being paid to talk about. I really wish he'd hang them up.

* Pardon the Interruption is the best sports show on TV. For some reason sports journalists always seem pretentious to me. They talk about athletes and coaches as if they're all terrible and they themselves could do better. Here's a tip, sports journalists are journalists because they weren't good enough to coach or play. Tony and Mike on PTI get that. They constantly make fun of themselves and they show their knowledge and understanding of sports on a daily basis. It's just a great show.

* Speaking of PTI...I complimented UK earlier and now I'm going to rip them. Yesterday, John Calipari was interviewed on PTI. Because PTI is a good show, they didn't kneel down and worship him like others do, they asked him good, strong, fair questions...including one about his 2 final fours that have been vacated. Here is what Calipari said: He said that when you're a head coach of a basketball team, you are "Responsible for everything that goes on, from the top to the bottom" but, "You can't be held accountable for everything that goes on" because there is so much that occurs from top to bottom.


Do me a favor, open a word document and type "accountable" then highlight it, right click and get some synonyms for the word. You'll probably see the word "responsible" right there. Hell, here's the online definition of accountable, "responsible for having done." So he's responsible for everything but he can't be held accountable, I get it. He then was asked what he would do to make sure it would never happen again. He said: We run a top notch, high class program...but there is no way for me to sit here and tell you something like this won't happen again, because you just don't know. There's just so much that goes on in a basketball program and sometimes things happen that you can't control.

Are you kidding me?

He should have just come out and said, "I'm's kind of my thing." So here's how I'll end this...I hate John Calipari with every ounce of my being. It's not because I'm jealous of UK, it's because he represents everything that is wrong with college athletics. He's the most desperate, pathetic, fake coach that I've ever seen. I would rather punch myself in the face for an hour then admit that he's a quality basketball coach.

* I'm really looking forward to the Cards playing again. I've had far to many people ask me about UK, Wall and Calipari this week and it's impossible for me not to form an opinion. So, UK fans...enjoy your season. You've got some great players and all signs are pointing to a really great year for you guys, congrats. I'm done talking about UK, I don't like to get things started...I just needed to get some things straight today.

Rivalries are fun!
Go Cards!
I love sports and so should you!

Song of the Day: Statler Brothers - Carols those Kids Used To Sing

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