Thursday, December 03, 2009

Life of Brian: The Movie

Not the Monty Python movie...A movie about my life!

The other night while watching Scrubs (which is kinda weird now) Zach Braff said something and the way he said it reminded me of my little step brother Ryan. I then thought, if Zach Braff got a shorter haircut, he would totally play Ryan in a movie. Then I started thinking about a movie about my life and who would play my family and I can't stop thinking about it.

So, now I'm on a quest to cast an actor/actress for everyone in my life. I'm not going based on looks only because then I'd have to be the guy who plays Tag on Friends and I don't want him to play me. Instead, I'm going for a combination of looks and character. I've only got a few so far and here they are.


Paul Rudd as Brian
Sometimes he has a beard, he's about my height, he probably blogs and he's my favorite actor. It makes sense.

Ben Stiller as Ben
They look similar, he's named Ben, they're both funny in the same way.

Zach Braff as Ryan
For reasons already explained. If I could photoshop a haircut to show you the resemblance I would.

Tom Selleck as my Dad
My dad used to have a mustache and now he has a goatee. Tom Selleck used to have a he has a goatee. It just works.

John Cusack as Dude
This one is not that close looks wise (but not too bad) but character wise I think it's spot on.

I've got some ideas for others, but these are the only ones set in stone. Obviously, I've got some work to do as some major roles still need to be cast (Taylor, Mom, etc.) However, I think it's coming along pretty well so far. Who wouldn't want to see this movie with an already stellar cast?

Now, if you're reading this blog there's a pretty good chance that you'll be in the movie. So, if you want to give me a suggestion for an actor/actress to play yourself then go ahead (or if you have other suggestions). I plan on thinking about this until I have at least 20 total cast members. I'll keep you guys updated.

Have a great day.

Song of the Day - John Lennon - Happy X-Mas (War is Over)

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