Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Favorite Websites of the Decade

5.) Sporcle - If I had discovered this earlier then last would be #1. What a great way to learn and waste time!

4.) The Card Chronicle - The best UofL sports website in the world. Good coverage, funny writing, great site. Turned "Almost Dunking Marques Maybin" into a household name.

3.) Yahoo Sports - The best and easiest source for sports news on the net. Also, hosts the fantasy football league where the Crapbags were born.

2.) YouTube - Drunk history, David After Dentist, Chocolate Rain....amazing!

1.) Facebook - We all want to complain about how it keeps changing and keeps getting crappier...but we all love it...because it's awesome. It not only made stalking people also made it easy!

Honorable mention: eBay, Addicting Games, 1000 awesome things, InsideTheVille, Twitter, Mouse Breaker, Paste Magazine, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, Fail Blog

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