Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Favorite TV shows of the Decade..

5.) Scrubs
This would be higher on the list, but I kind of lost track of the show when I went away to college. Still a great show. It always had the ability to make you really happy and really depressed in the same episode. Favorite character: Turk

4.) The Office
A Thursday night staple for the last several years. First few seasons were hilarious and it's been great as of late as well. Favorite character: Dwight Schrute (Andy Bernard a close 2nd)

3.) The O.C.
I never fell for the "Lost" or "Grey's Anatomy" craze...but I was way into "The O.C." I planned my week around it for about three years. The first 2 seasons were absolutely awesome. Favorite Character: Sandy and Seth Cohen (tie)

2.) Arrested Development
The funniest show to be on TV the past decade. The only reason it's not #1 is because I didn't start watching it until late in the 2nd season and there were sadly only 3 (really like 2 1/2) seasons. Favorite Character: Gob Bluth.

1.) Friends
I realize this is more of a 90s show, but the last 4 years were by far the best and the funniest. I remember the finale in 2004 being a huge deal. Plus, the re-runs are still great. Favorite Character: Ross (Paul Rudd's character is fantastic though)

Honorable Mention: South Park, 30 Rock, Pardon the Interruption, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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