Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians of the Decade..

Let the games begin.

5.) O.A.R.
I haven't bought an O.A.R. CD since they put out In Between Now and Then, I don't really care for there newer stuff and they're lead singer can be a bit...how do you say...douchey. However, Anytime Now is the album that got played more than any other during my high school years. When I hear O.A.R. I think of Chris, Tom, Todd and myself riding around in my Corolla....or I think of visiting Ben in college. Both great memories.

4.) Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson is another artist that I've cooled on a bit since high school, but I still love to listen to him. There's nothing crazy or unexpected with Jack Johnson..but he does what he does well.

3.) The Avett Brothers
I'm ranking the Avett's #3 on this list because Emotionalism might be my favorite album of the decade. I've only been listening to these guys for a little over 2 years...but I've listened to them heavily. They're records are great, but seeing them live is even better.

2.) Ben Folds
I love Ben Folds. He probably makes better use of cuss words on his albums then anyone ever....which is awesome. But also, he wrote "The Luckiest" which was the best love song of the decade. His latest album wasn't the best, but Rockin' The Suburbs and Ben Folds Live were both classics in my book.

1.) My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket first caught my ear with It Still Moves, but I didn't fall in love with them until Z. They continue to evolve and change their sound while still putting out my favorite music of the decade. The fact that Jim James could sing anything and I'd love it...well that's just icing on the cake.

Honorable Mention: Wilco, Outkast

So there you go, decade list #1, my 5 favorite bands of the decade. It should be noted that these are not lists of what I consider "the best" things of the decade...just my favorite. Stay tuned for more.

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