Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Festive Facts...


1.) I can't stop saying "Flip-Flip-Flip-adelphia" and doing the Charlie flip dance. If you didn't watch last night's season finale of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" you missed out. You think you’re wicked awesome doing that, and how about them apples, and all that garden wood business?

2.) Preston and Peyton are back in for the Cards! We get two guards back and Jerry's return should be soon, but George Goode appears to be done for the season now. Someone give me a friggin' break.

3.) I'm going to my work Christmas party tonight. I'm not really sure how to feel about it. It could be lots of fun or it could be one of those things where you just wonder how long you have to stay before you can leave without hurting anyone's feelings. There are some pretty fun people at work though, so it should be pretty fun. Plus, I'm not driving.

4.) I'm having an awful time Christmas shopping this year. Usually, I think of some really good gifts for people and I enjoy going out and getting them. This year...I've got nothing. The gifts I end up getting will be good and the folks on the receiving end will like them, but I'm just not thrilled with any of my ideas.

5.) Flip-Flip-Flip-adelphia!

6.) Charlie Strong is my hero. One day on the job and he locks up the #1 recruit in the state (4 star QB from Seneca). He's apparently going to be at the basketball game tomorrow and so will I...if security isn't too tight, I'm gonna try to touch him.

7.) It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Rudolph and Charlie Brown are all movies that will be watched by me this weekend. I better get on it.

8.) I've cast another role in my movie. Bret McKenzie as Lautaro:
9.) The CrapBags must win this weekend for any shot at the playoffs. In Tom we trust!

10.) Have a great weekend all!

Song of the Day: Frank Sinatra - I Believe

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