Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm old

"Do you feel older?"

That's the ridiculous question that people get asked each and every year on their birthday. It's a stupid question. But, you hear it every year because there are some people out there who aren't satisfied with just saying, "Happy Birthday" so they try to think of something else.

Anyway, when I woke up last Thursday...I felt the same way I had felt the day before...I went about my day and nothing was new or was the same kinda day 22 year old Brian experienced.

But, as I look back on my first 4 days as a 23 year old...I realize I'm getting older. I mean if nothing else let's look at some of birthday presents I received..

- a toaster oven
- a Chili pot
- a grill
- a rocking chair

The thing that makes me feel old about that list is that I'm totally excited about every single one of those gifts. But, if someone had given me a toaster oven when I was younger...hell if someone would have given me a toaster oven last year when I was in college...I would have laughed, smacked you in the face and then spent an entire weekend trying to toast beer.

But my life calls for me to own my own toaster over, chili pot, rocking chair and's just who I am now.

To make things even weirder this weekend...Lautaro was gone for most of Saturday and a bit of Sunday. Ben came over to watch some b-ball for a bit, but for the majority of the day I was just at home...alone. I walked up to Qdoba and went out with some folks for a few drinks later on that night. But when I walked in the door after getting home from the bar and flipped on a lamp....I just kinda stared at my dark and quiet apartment and thought, "Isn't it weird that I live here?" I mean that's where I live....where I sleep, shower and get mail.

I dunno, I always thought I'd have a moment where it seemed weird that I lived on my own...but I've been living in that apartment since September so I expected it to hit me a while ago. Who knows, I guess I just needed a birthday out of college to really realize that I'm getting older.

Now if you'll excuse me it's 4:30...I need to eat dinner and get to bed.

Song of the Day: Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Beer of the Day: Cumberland Brews - Celtic Stout


mom said...

I think the fact that you're trying to handle UofL basketball games like an adult is another sign. It's not working but at least you're trying. Just keep telling yourself It's only a game, It's only a game!

Doug said...

I don't think it's so much that you're getting old as it is that (A) you're more mature and (B) you live on your own and need - stuff. You can still be totally goofy and immature, you can still drink beer like a college kid, and you still have a sense of humor that "old" people would never get.

On a completely different subject, the fact that both your mom and your dad are leaving comments on your blog is kinda creepy.....