Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

You know how I roll...

* Despite my depression from the loss on Sunday...I was pretty happy last night when the Lady Cards advanced to their first ever final four. I've watched more women's basketball in the last 6 months then I ever have before....It's not always pretty, but I was proud of the Lady Cards last night.

* Even though this is basketball related (and I'm trying to avoid all things basketball)...it's pretty funny:

Pitino is killing those drums.

* One other thing that cheered me up is the fact that my little step-bro Ryan is on a lacrosse trip this week for Spring Break and he had to get his head shaved. Yup he's a junior on the varsity team so the seniors hazed him a bit and made him cut of his hair. It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that they shave it into some ridiculous cut and make them go out to eat a few times...luckily Ryan took my advice and convinced them to give him the Ben Franklin horse shoe cut...check it:
That's simply fantastic. Sadly they shaved the rest off last night...now he's just bald.

* Only 11 more days until I can have coffee again...I'm still unsure how I've stayed awake this month.

* Hey what are you guys doing on April 25th? What...No plans? Well how about running a Micro-Mini-Marathon for Charity? Ok, well just send me your info and I'll get you all signed up. I'm glad we got that cleared up.

* I did a good deal of porch sitting last night...and I just have to say that there is nothing better then sitting on a porch....nothing.

* Ben and Megan's wedding is officially going to be in Wisconsin...which I may or may not have shared with you guys. But, it's also officially going to be in a hotel with a water park inside of it! To say I'm going to have fun and enjoy myself while in Wisconsin for the wedding...well that's an understatement.

* I went to Ear X-Tacy last night...and left empty handed. If that's not proof enough that the UofL loss is still bothering me...I'm not sure what is.

That's all I've got for now gang...have a great Tuesday.

Song of the Day: Bright Eyes - I Believe in Symmetry
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Oberon

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