Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm a mess...I'm about as pumped up and nervous as a human being can possibly be...and I'm not sure it's healthy....but I am sure that I don't care.

Each March for as long as I can remember I've waited for Selection Sunday because I wanted to see if my beloved Cardinals would get into the dance and what their path towards the Final Four would look like. With the exception of a few years...the Cards have always been in the field of 65...making a National Championship a possibility. However, with a few exceptions...UofL hasn't been a very good dancer when it came time to show off their moves. In 1997 The Cards showed some impressive moves and danced to the Elite Eight, in 2005 the Cards busted a move all the way to the Final Four and last year the Cards strutted their stuff to the Elite Eight once again. However, more often then not...UofL has just kind of played the role of the awkward relative who you are required to dance with for at least one or two songs at every wedding. Heck, even those three years that we made a deep run we were quietly put out by a bigger...badder...higher seed.

But this year is different. Each year I dream of a UofL National Championship...but deep down I never really felt like it was a real possibility. However, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I started thinking to myself, "This is probably the best chance we've had since I've been alive." I wasn't thinking we would be the favorite...or even a one seed...I just thought we could honestly beat anyone at anytime if we played to the best of our ability.

As the past two weeks have progressed the butterflies in my stomach have a lot. First the Cards won the Big East regular season, I was pumped up...I felt a two seed was a lock and the possibility of a one could happen if we played well in the Big East tournament. Sadly, the past three years we were a big time 1-3 in the BET and Madison Square Garden has always caused the Cards problems. However, we went to New York...and won that championship too.
Holy Crap! Now a One seed looked like a lock. With all the other top teams coming up appeared that the Cards would be one of the best four teams in the dance...making them one of the favorites.

Well, that wasn't enough. When I sit down to watch the Selection Show, like I do every March, usually I have to wait a while before our name is announced and then I give a little cheer and I start getting nervous about our upcoming game.

Not this year....

It took about 10 seconds to find out what seed the Cards Greg Gumble announced, "The Overall Number One Seed in this year's NCAA tournament is....The Louisville Cardinals."


I just don't know how to feel. UofL has only ever been a 1 seed once before...and they've never been the overall #1. Also, UofL was voted the #1 team in the nation in the Coaches poll and the AP poll....also first time happenings for the Cardinals.

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm unable to concentrate on anything else. The Cards have a tough road ahead of them this year...and I'm not saying the Cards are 100% going to win this thing. But for the first time in my life...The Cards aren't waiting around... hoping to be asked to dance...they're taking the lead!
That trophy and net are nice T-Will....but I've had my eye on another set for 23 years...Take us there my friend!!!


Song of the Day: Nelly - #1
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red

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