Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa Miss Lippy...

Tidbits'lll have to wait...I've got other things to discuss.

While I was super jacked up about Louisville's first ever overall #1 tournament seed yesterday...I didn't mention anything about the other part of my weekend...yeah the part where Todd and I took a bangin' awesome road trip down south to visit Ms. Taylor.

On Thursday after work I headed south, picked up Todd and we barrelled our way to Charleston for a visit with Taylor. The drive down was pretty lame as it took us 10 hours as we were hit with a nasty snow/ice storm for a good portion of our trip. Luckily, with help from a radio broadcast of the epic Syracuse/UConn 6OT game, we made it to Charleston just before 3 a.m.

We rested up that night and then the next day Taylor, Todd and I walked around Charleston taking in the sights. We walked down rainbow road, saw the battery and visited the market. It was grand to say the least.

That night we headed out for some drinks at Wild Wings. We had a good time chatting and drinking and the cover band at the bar was pretty sweet...minus the few original songs they played.

Saturday the ocean called to us and we headed to Isle of Palms for some pub grub at a pretty cool on the beach bar called, "The Windjammer". After that we walked on the beach for a bit and although it was a bit cold...it's always nice to see the Ocean.

Later that night the three of us met up with some of Taylor's new grad school friends. We had dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and I must say that I really enjoyed meeting her friends. As anyone would...I worry about my girl from time to time as she continues to adjust to life in a new city...but it's clear that my worries are not needed. The friend group she has is wonderful and it made me really happy to meet them and get to know them a tad. They seem like very nice people and it makes me feel better knowing that Taylor is hanging out with them when she goes out at night.

After dinner we went to The King Street Grille to get a few drinks and watch the UofL game. Turns out we hit the mother load with this stop. The bar had this special VIP room, but no one was in it...so we asked if we could have it. They said yes...and it was awesome! There were three rows of stadium seating in the VIP room...all filled with 4 leather recliners. In front of us was a 60 inch TV with 2 32 inch TVs on the side. We had our own waitress and they had green beer for a dollar. Needless to say...it was the best way to watch a game ever....EVER!!!

After that we were on to bed and Todd and I left early the next morning. While I am always sad to leave Taylor, and this case is not any different, I did feel better after seeing how she lives on a day to day basis.

To see how Taylor has adapted to life in Charleston in 6 short months is really impressive. She knows her way around, she knows cool places to go, she has great friends...it's just great. Like I said, I always worry about her...just because I feel better when she's near me...but after this trip I realize that she doesn't need me to worry...she's a strong, independent grad schooler...and I am one lucky son of a gun to be able to call her my girlfriend.

One last thing, the drive home was only 8.5 hours...which means Francisco and I will be making plenty more weekend trips to Charleston in the future.

Happy St. Paddy's day everyone...have a good one!

Song of the Day: Brian Brody - Mary Mac
Beer of the Day: Guinness

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