Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Time for some bits of tid...

* This is a long but funny tidbit to start off with. You see, Tuesday is usually the one day of the week where I just don't want to get out of bed...I hit the snooze a few times and even then I'm pretty angry about getting out of bed. That's why I'm glad I'm not Taylor today....because I'd probably be in jail. You see, she's an RD for a dorm down in Charleston so she is constantly dealing with people's idiotic problems. Well, this morning a maintenance man knocked on her door at 8 a.m. to inform her that the vending machine was broken (which she reported to them yesterday). Then public safety called her a few minutes later so she could come view the security tape to try and help figure out how the vending machine ended up broken. Taylor kindly told them she'd do it later. She's a saint, because if someone came knocking and calling about something is lame as that on a Tuesday morning (an hour or so before she had to be awake), I think my actions would have been the ones being reviewed on security cameras...you feel me? Anyway, apparently the idiotic maintenance people left the vending machine open for a while later on in the day while fixing it...and a bunch of students stole things out of it. They of course contacted Taylor and asked her to go find the perpetrators and give them citations. Taylor laughed at them...god bless her.

* Plans for the first annual "Micro-Mini Marathon" are coming together...I'm waiting to hear back from Tommy O'Shea about having the after party at his pub...I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Also, the name "Micro-Mini Marathon" probably makes you think of Micro Machines....it's not a coincidence....those things were bad-ass.
Man...those cars are MICRO!

* Ok, you're probably wondering why I haven't said anything about the Cards advancing to the Sweet 16. Well I'll be honest with you...it's because I was scared out of my mind on Sunday and I'm still trying to get my blood pressure at a normal level. We played alright, Siena played well...but bottom line is...The Cards are moving on....thanks to T-Will:
* On another note...the jump in my blood pressure has a lot to do with the Cards...but it also has a lot to do with CBS. I swear CBS...you cut off a crucial UofL game again...I'll cut off your face! Deal? Deal.

* There are no words to describe the weather in Louisville...so I'll be forced to make one up to describe it right now...shinetastic.. Some porch time after work is gonna happen. (Note: if it's not sunny anymore I take back this tidbit...I don't have any windows at work...but it was nice at lunch)

* So I know that "Planet Earth" has been on TV for like a century...but I just recently joined the party thanks to Taylor's advice. Let me tell ya, I'm fascinated....that is easily the coolest show on television. Also, Sigourney Weaver is the narrator...what could be better? Nothing.

* I need to go out and buy some new blue jeans....In my book the only thing worse then buying new jeans is getting a haircut...and we all know how I feel about those...
* I'm in a music rut right now. I need something new...something that bops...Suggestions? Please help me!

* Also, I've recently gotten the itch to go back to London. I mean just out of nowhere it's like..."Take me to foggy London town!" You feels me? Anyway, whoever wants to pay for me to go back to London for a week or so as a late B-day present...I'll forgive your tardiness.

* That's all for today kiddos...enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Song of the Day: The Cure - In Between Days
Beer of the Day: Newcastle Brown Ale


lautaro said...

new music suggestions: the heartless bastards. also raphael sadiq (not sure on spelling but he used to be in tony toni tone) and this chick lisa hannigan was on the colbert report and rocked.

Jake H. said...

I find it strange that instead of speaking to one another on the topic (as you do live together) Lautaro left a comment on your blog concerning music suggestions. But, I suppose now I get the pleasure of checking out the Heartless Bastards too--so maybe it's not so bad after all.