Monday, March 02, 2009


This is me attempting to write a big long post about Terrence Williams and how proud he's made me as a Cardinal fan the past 4 years...but I'm not really sure what to say.

Over the years I have become attached to certain UofL players. For whatever reason I felt as though these guys can't be replaced: Dejuan Wheat, Marques Maybin, Reece Gaines, Francisco Garcia, Taquan Dean and David Padgett. It was sad each time one of those players left Louisville and while I thought at the time I'd never like a player as much as I liked those guys...I always found a way to claim a new, "favorite player". And while next year will not be any different as Jerry Smith will without a doubt be my favorite on the team....the Cards are about to say goodbye to a player that I can honestly say...will never be replaced.

Usually with my favorite players their is one thing about them that makes them so irreplaceable. Whether it was Padgett and Dean's unbelievable leadership, Gaines and Wheat's ability to do whatever it took to win (especially in the clutch) or Garcia and Maybin's fun loving attitude while playing the game at it's highest level. They each were special...but not as special as T-Will.

T-Will has all those things. On the court he does whatever it takes to put his team in the best position to win. If we need a bucket he'll get one himself or find someone an open shot. If we need the ball better believe he's gonna lock his man down on D and jump as high as need be to get that crucial rebound. He doesn't care about points, he cares about wins...and he does everything in his power to make sure the task at hand is always accomplished.
Now, while T-Will does always put the team first....that's not to say he doesn't get his own from time to time.

He usually does so in fantastic fashion...with a smile on his face. Often in his career he would be having so much fun I would get mad at him and hope that he'd be more serious. However, I finally realized...that's just T-Will being T-Will. He'll get you 15 rebounds when he needs to, he'll score you 20 points...he'll even dish out 10 assists, grab 5 steals or block a few shots. But, you better believe he's gonna throw a bounce pass between his legs, smile at a camera and give a ref a back massage in the process. It's what makes him...T-Will.
While his on the court persona is enough to make him a top 5 Cardinal in my book...the reason he's number what he does off the court.
Nation wide, people are starting to get on the T-Will bandwagon and it's because, the dude is hilarious. He is always joking around with his teammates, the refs, the announcers, the fans...whoever. He's just a kid who's having a ton of fun with the opportunities he's been given.

After the Cards beat Notre Dame this year ESPN analyst Jay Bilas asked T-Will how he keeps such a big smile on his face during such tense moments. Williams responded by saying...Not everyone gets to do this. I'm out here playing basketball with my teammates and having fun.

I can only imagine that if more college athletes had that mind set...the game would benefit greatly.

With one more game in Freedom Hall on Wednesday I'm sure I'll feel the normal "Senior Day Sadness" because one of my favorites is moving on. But I can only imagine the feeling I'll have when the Cards season comes to a close and T-Will walks off the court for the last time as a hopes he'll be cutting down some nets before he makes his exit...but even if he doesn't...his play, his heart and his attitude have saved him a seat atop my list of all-time favorite Louisville Cardinals.

I wish he'd marry into my family...but a National Championship would do just fine.


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