Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tidbits, Tidbits, rollie pollie Tidbits...Tidbits, Tidbits...eat them up...YUM.

* Today Neko Case, a LOB favorite, released her new album, "Middle Cyclone".
I have only heard one song of this album...but I do have 4 other Neko Case albums...so I'm gonna go ahead and suggest everyone buy this now and thank me later.

* So it's been well documented how sad I am about tomorrow night's Senior Night at Freedom Hall. Well, it just got a little sadder. Earl Clark is going to participate too. Now it's been known for a while that Earl would be leaving after this season to pursue an NBA career...but that doesn't mean I'm not sad about them bringing it up in front of everyone and killing my tiny bit of hope that he might come back. Sigh....who's gonna do this next year?
I'll miss you Earl. Even though you scored for Marquette the other day...I'll still miss your ability to dunk on people, your flashes of NBA stardom and the fact that your voice is as high as a 4th grader's. Just make March special...please!

* So, guess what's 16 days from now? Yes...the first day of the NCAA tourney...but also, MY BIRTHDAY! I got to kick off my b-day celebration today as Taylor went ahead and gave me my present since after this week we probably won't see each other till after my birthday and it started nicely...she got me a sweet new watch! Now, for those of you still looking for presents...here's a couple you can get me.

These are called TapBoards. Basically they are tap handles with little chalk boards on them so you can always mark which beer is on tap...I would imagine they're perfect for someone with a kegerator!

You could also get me this shirt...
St. Paddy's day...my Birthday...and the beginning of the Cards' quest for a third National Championship are all within three days of each other....I just feel like this shirt needs to be worn for such an occasion.

* Are you ever in the car, flippin' around radio stations when you land on a jam and it makes your day? Well on the way back from lunch today it happened twice! I flipped past Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" and then found the last 2 mins or so of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and then after that was over...I was greeted with The Rolling Stones, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." It was awesome...I didn't know Francisco's speakers could get so loud. But man, it was the kinda car jam session where even though you've reached your destination...you just sit in the car in the parking lot until the song has finished. It really give me an extra hop in my step for the rest of the day.

Queen rules!

* I think that Digger Phelps is one of the biggest morons in the world when it comes to intelligently talking about college basketball...I don't ever agree with what he says and I often find myself breaking highlighters because of him. But now....well now I have a whole new respect for the man:

He looks ridiculous...but he doesn't care. I love people who can just make asses of themselves and not think twice. I never thought I'd say this...but a big "Life of Brian Salute" to you Mr. Digger Phelps.

* Did anybody watch Jimmy Fallon last night? He has officially taken over the 12:37 time slot on NBC now that Conan has moved on. I only saw part of it because I fell asleep...but here is my analysis. Jimmy appears nervous but I think he'll get better. He had Van Morrison on as his musical guest which is a huge plus...but the most impressive thing is that The Roots are his house band! I don't know how or why this happened...but it's enough to keep me watching...I love The Roots!

* One last thing, speaking of roots...My Dad just relayed some information he heard on the radio earlier...today is a square root day! 3/3/09 (3x3=9 for all you English majors out there). I'm pretty excited about this whole scenario and you should be too...after all, we won't be able to celebrate this again until April 4, 2016! I'm beerin' it tonight...who's with me?

Well that's all for today...have a good one everybody.

Song of the Day: Neko Case - I Wish I Was The Moon
Beer of the Day: Leinenkugel's - Fireside Nut Brown

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wilhelm von rall said...

I like the "Fish Head" reference at the beginning.

I don't like the math at the end.