Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Question???

Ok this is a pretty bizarre post, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any insight.

So I was looking on Facebook at some old pictures that someone had put up. The pictures were of the person's parents in the 70s and 80s. I laughed because the short shorts, tight t-shirts and ridiculous glasses were just too much to handle. However, then I started thinking about fashion over the years. I think everyone that is at least 20 years old has looked back at a photo from the past and thought, "What was I thinking." I mean for instance...when I was younger I dyed my hair blonde in the summers, which not only turned out to be orangeish usually...but it really complimented my jet black, gigantic eye-brows. Also one Christmas there are pictures of me wearing and all white fleece sweat suit...the next Christmas, dark jean overalls.

So here's my question...Will I look back at my current style 10 years from now and think..."For crying out loud Brian!"? I mean I feel like what I wear is pretty jeans and pants that are neither too baggy or too tight. Shirts that are normal fitting and make me look like I have a home. I mean I don't feel like I wear anything now that I wouldn't wear 10 years from now. Is this the same thing everyone thinks, only to be ashamed of themselves a decade later? Or perhaps with each decade we get closer to a perfect fashion sense and as we enter the 2010s, we as a society are pretty much as close as we're going to get to fashion perfection?

I mean there will always be a few stragglers. Some people will always be stuck in the wrong decade (I'm looking at you guy with jorts on and tube socks), but I think for the most part...we're getting closer.

Side note: If you see someone stuck in the 1990s fashion have permission to make fun of them...unless they're wearing Zuba pants...because those are the shizz.
Have a good weekend you fine dressing bunch of folks!

Song of the Weekend: Cake - I Will Survive
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