Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday BIRTHDAY Tidbits...

Happy me!

* So yeah, today is my 23rd birthday. Woo-hooo...Wooo...woo.

* My day started off with a bang...actually it was more of a splash. I took five steps out my front door and a bird dropped off a little birthday present on my shirt. Pretty good joke by the bird...he clearly didn't know what else to get me. Oh well, it gave me a good laugh...but I had to change my shirt which was kind of annoying.

* The worst thing about my birthday this that my birthday last year was much much cooler. I was on Spring Break and even though there was a sandstorm on the beach I proceeded to sit on the beach and drink beer all day friends came out and sat with me in shifts...but I was determined to sit there from all day...and I did. Then I cleaned myself up and went out to eat with all of my friends...and I got a free t-shirt. Here's a picture of me holding up my free birthday t-shirt...after drinking beer all day long:
Thank goodness for Taylor trying to at least put my hat on me correctly...I can't imagine what I'd do without her.

So yeah, I'm at work for my birthday this's not quite the same...but we did order Chinese for lunch...and we're having a brownie celebration suck on that 22nd birthday!

* There is one good thing about this birthday...the NCAA tournament started today! So far I'm 1-2 in my bracket...which means the 500 hours I spent watching college basketball the past 6 months are already looking like a huge mistake. Oh's still fun.

* Speaking of brackets...President Obama was on SportsCenter for a few minutes the other day and he discussed the bracket that he filled out. His final four consisted of Louisville, Memphis, UNC and Pitt. He admitted he doesn't have time to watch all that much...but that he still follows what he can. I thought it was cool that we even have a president who did something like this at all. Coach K was not as impressed...this is what he said, "Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets." I'd like to think that's a joke...but it was a CNN article and apparently they showed Coach K on tv saying it...and he wasn't really kidding. What a loser.

* If you're still looking for a last minute gift idea for me...I just decided a little while ago that I'd like to have a grill. I realize that's a large if some of you want to go in on it together...feel free to use the comments section as a discussion place.

* One last thing to get you in the mood for March Madness:

Have a great time celebrating my birthday tonight everyone!

Song of the Day: The Beatles - Birthday
Beer of the Day: Leinenkugle's - Red


Jake H. said...

So you're one for worries. You still promised to share your bracket with us and haven't yet. I'd like to see how I stack up.

Brian said...

I fear that my bracket may be too ugly to share...but we'll see.