Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

These tidbits are really just gonna focus on one thing...

* So I bet a lot of you were expecting me to talk about something else yesterday...some other thing that happened over the weekend. Well, I wanted to get the word out quickly about the Micro-Mini...and I wanted to dedicate an entire set of Tidbits to one thing...
Get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rub-down...THE CARDS ARE THE BIG EAST CHAMPS!!! Isn't that the most badass picture ever? Look how happy Rick is! WOOOO!

It was nerve-wracking...it was ugly...it was beautiful! T-Will led the way and the Cards became the champs of the toughest league in the nation....possibly in the toughest league of all time.

I watched the game with Taylor at this St. Patrick's day Pre-party and it turned out to be a blast, drunk irish men yelling and cheering...it was all topped off with a free shot of Jamison and a late night beer at the Granville! I'm still riding high after the win and if nothing else...this BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP has thrown me into MARCH MADNESS OVERLOAD!!! All I can do is sit and dream about the next game and the tournament and what might be. Truth is...we could win it all or we could get knocked out in the first round...but bottom line...all aspects of my life right now are directly affected by that ball-wrenching, gut-busting, nerve wracking, fun loving, thrill banging excitement that only comes this time of year...I LOVE IT!

* March Madness has even taken over my apartment. Here is a picture of our "Holiday" themed mantle:
We made those heads for Senior night...so I figured I'd hang 'em up. Also, T-Will has taken over our kegerator...as he has now been immortalized forever as our tap handle.
March Madness is better then Christmas...there...I said it.

* Another swell thing about winning the Big East is that it gives me a reason to buy a new UofL shirt. Honestly I have over 30 UofL shirts so buying a new one isn't something I can do on a regular basis anymore...but, when you go 16-2 in the Big East...it's worth a shirt or 3. In all honesty if President Obama wants to stimulate the economy...he should find a way to make UofL the National Champions. The amount of money I would spend on National Champion merchandise would be way more then enough to get us out of this whole...make it happen Mr. President.
* Let's talk about one more thing...T-WILL! This man is the best player in the nation...I don't want to hear about Steph Curry, Blake Griffin or Psycho T. Terrence Williams is the best player in the nation. He does whatever it takes to win, he doesn't care about scoring or stats...but he puts up huge numbers. He's the only player in college averaging at least 12 points, 8 boards and 5 assists. He's been named 1st team all-Big East and while he may sneak into a position on the All-American 2nd or 3rd team...He'll ultimately be denied most of the top honors. But let it be known...there is no way you can convince me that anyone else in the nation is better than T-Will.
* One thing lost in the Big East Champs/March Madness frenzy is the fact that Taylor has gone back to Charleston...it was great to have her home for a week, but sucks equally as much to have her leave again. Luckily, Todd...yes Mr. Toothless Laughing Boy himself...and I are heading down to Charleston this weekend for a visit...so boo-yah!

* Alright, now for all you UofL fans as pumped as I am I thought I'd just throw up some more images to get you guys as ready as I am for March.

Here's a good one of Earl, T-Will and Jerry...celebrating after a big win.
This one is my favorite...
If the Cards play the way we all know they can, in a few short weeks this could be a picture of the two greatest UofL basketball players of all time.

And finally, this is the sign that has been hanging in the Cards' locker room all year:
If that doesn't give you goosebumps...check your pulse!

The Madness starts for the Cards in the Big East tournament on Thursday at noon against the winner of DePaul and Providence. I'm nervous, I'm excited, I don't know what to do with myself...GO CARDS!!!

Song of the Day: Queen - We Are The Champions
Beer of the Day: BBC - Cardinal Red

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