Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kentucky is unhappy....

My friends, as it turns out...Kentucky has been named the 49th happiest state in the nation (suck it West Virginia). Now, it would be easy for me to make a joke here connecting the state's unhappiness to the current state of the University of Kentucky Basketball team...but I'll refrain.

It sucks that the state most near and dear to my heart is seen as so I've decided to give ten reasons why I am happy to live in Kentucky (Louisville). It really is a great state for the most part...and here are 10 reasons why.

1.) The Kentucky Derby
On the first Saturday in May the entire nation gets to see what Kentucky is all about. Drinking ourselves into oblivion and then yelling at small people riding at horses in a circle. It's my third favorite time of the year (March Madness and Christmas).

2.) Bourbon
I'm mostly a beer drinker, but I like some liquor every now and again...and when it comes to liquor bourbon is the best....and every ounce of bourbon in the world is made right here in the bluegrass.

3.) The University of Louisville Men's Basketball team
They're #5 in the nation...They're Big East Champs...They're Beast Mode!

4.) El Mundo
There are a lot of good restaurants around town...but my favorite is "El Mundo" on Frankfort Ave. It's cool, It's good, It's not terribly's muy bueno.

5.) My Morning Jacket

This band is great...they're from here...they're proud to be from here...everything about them is awesome!

6.) Hot Browns
Turkey, bread, tomato, bacon, sauce, cheese...what's not to like?

7.) Cherokee Park
This park is literally at the end of my street. I drive through it a lot, but ever since I've been trying to plan the Micro-Mini...I've been exploring it more and I've started to realize that it's really one of the nicest parks around.

8.) The Highlands.
It's a big city neighborhood in a medium sized city. In a 10 minute walk I can buy a CD, groceries, beer, coffee, a burrito, vacuum cleaner at two different stores, a piece of art, a kizito cookie and a chili dog. It's amazing.

9.) Muhammed Ali and Louisville Sluggers.
Odds are either one of these legendary things could beat the crap out of you by themselves...but imagine if you combined'd be in for a whoopin'!

10.) The people
I didn't read the whole article about us being the 49th happiest state, so I don't know what they based it on...and I know that my life in Louisville is different then other Kentuckians...but people here are usually friendly and happy. It's the best of both worlds around these parts because you get the southern hospitality without the rebel pride (this may only be in Louisville). Sure we have our fair share of jack-holes....but for the most part...the people in Kentucky are about as nice as they come.

There you have it...I dare you to tell me again that I'm unhappy...that survey/test/article thing is weak sauce.

Song of the Day: John Prine - My Old Kentucky Home
Beer of the Day: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Stout

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