Monday, March 30, 2009

No Joy in L-Ville

I'm crushed.

I've been more upset and more angry at UofL losses before...but I don't think I've ever been as crushed by one particular game.

As if getting to the Final Four wasn't enough for me to want this one so badly...two other things have added to my sadness after the game. One, was the fact that I made a last second decision to attend the game...paying a pretty penny for a lower level seat. Let it be known that I'll never EVER go to an NCAA tournament game long as I live. But the thing that sucks the most is the fact that Taylor had decided to come home to watch the games next weekend if we were to advance to the Final Four. Her last minute travel plans have now been canceled.

A week or so from now...when college basketball season is officially over...I'll look back on this year of Louisville basketball as one of my favorites of all time. I'll remember the three straight wins in the hall against UK, ND and then #1 Pitt, I'll remember how much fun it was to watch T-Will, Andre and Earl, I'll remember the two Big East championships and the first ever #1 ranking. All in all it was a good season...heck it was a GREAT Season.

But sadly, the beauty of the NCAA tournament is that you have to be at your best for three weeks straight...every single game. I will never ever admit that Michigan State is a better basketball team then the Cards...but MSU had their A game...and the Cards simply did not.

Now, I'll tell myself that we'll win it all one day...and the sadness that I feel right now will only make that day even better...and we'll get them next year...and I'll believe it all. But if I told you that I didn't think this was our year...I'd be lying to you. I thought we had it...I really really did.

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to go to sleep for the next several days.

Song of the Day: Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
Beer of the Day: Bourbon...Beer isn't gonna get it done.

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