Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Alright, so let's catch up and what's going on in the LofB right now...

** Last Friday I officially moved into my Apartment. It still feels a little weird, but I'm starting to get used to it. My room is lookin' good and the balcony is flippin' amazing. The kegerator should be up and running tomorrow and the HDTV will be put to use sometime soon as well. I'll put some pictures up once I get totally settled in...I know you guys are dying to see it. Also, feel free to stop by if you want.

** It's beginning to drop a few degrees in the weather which means Fall is just around the corner. I love Fall for many reasons but the most important reasons are...I get to drink darker beer, I get to wear jeans comfortably, I get to wear long sleeves and I get to drink bourbon! I know that makes me sound like an alcoholic who likes to cover up his skin...but that's not it. I just really enjoy all of those things...but in the summer it's just too damn hot (for a penguin to just be walkin' around!). Also, I have certain music that only feels right in the fall. The most notably is "Sunken Treasure" by Jeff Tweedy. You can't buy this album because it came free when I bought Jeff Tweedy's DVD...but if you want a copy (trust me...you do) just let me know and I'll figure out a way to legally smuggle it to you.

** So I went to the UofL game this past Saturday and not only did the Cards look good...I got to see the best beer man moment ever. I was walking back from the bathroom and there was the beer man right at the bottom of our section. This guy walks past him and the beer man takes a plastic cup and just beams him with it. Then the beer man said, "Flag on the play. Personal Foul, Unnecessary DUMBNESS! Walking past the Beer man empty handed!" It was hilarious, easily the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

**Basketball went well last night, I didn't play outstanding but I felt solid...and I'm only sore today because I took a wicked knee to my thigh...it's killin' me though.

Of course the CrapBags opened up the week in Championship form, posting the highest score (which earns me $2)...and removing any doubt that they are the best Fantasy Football team of all time.

On a side note, I think we'll all agree that I warned everyone that taking Tom Brady away from the CrapBags would be a bad idea...it was.

I actually talked to Tom after he found out he wasn't a CrapBag this year, he told me he didn't even want to play this season. His exact words were, "This is total B.S. I'm a CrapBag or I'm nothing!!! Maybe I'll just let someone tear my ACL so I don't have to play for someone else." I told him he was much to good looking to let that happen, so he should go a head and play...but just play poorly against the CrapBags...apparently that wasn't good enough. Oh well, get well soon Tom.

*** Athlon's College Basketball preview magazine is out and checkout the cover:
You're a bad-ass Earl. CARDS = 2009 NCAA CHAMPS!!!

** Vampire weekend is playing tonight at Headliners, anyone want to go? Oh wait it's sold out so we can't...DANG IT!

Hasta Luego Muchachos!

Song of the Day: Jeff Tweedy - One By One (Live)
Beer of the Day: Sierra Nevada - Brown Ale

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