Friday, September 26, 2008

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend!

If you're anything like me...anytime you hear that song think of this:

Farley was the best!

Ok, now then...this weekend coming up is an extra bad ass weekend. There is just so much stuff going on, it's unreal! So let's break it down.

Friday: Well as soon as I leave work, I'm gonna go home...put on my Cardinal gear, load the beer in the cooler wait for Lautaro to come over and then head out to start my tailgate! Tonight's game should be extra grand for a few reasons. One is that this guy is making the trek from Tuscaloosa to join in the fun: I haven't seen ol' Will in a while so it will be good to get together, drink some beers and have him laugh at me when I get a little tipsy and yell ridiculous things at the refs/other team. It will be just like college!

The other reason that tonight's game is important is because we play UCONN. Now as we all know last year's UofL football season was a disaster...but no game was worse than the UCONN game. After going at it "Noah style" for a good while, the Cards were looking pretty good against UCONN last year...then Larry Taylor decided to call for a fair catch, but then run it in for a TD against the Cards who clearly stopped. The refs just sat there with their thumbs up their asses and the actually gave UCONN a TD. Naturally UofL went on to loose by 4 and I went on to continue to drink 2 by 2.

The best part was when I woke up the next morning and Roy Lee asked me if I remembered writing in the sudoku book we kept in the magazine rack in the bathroom. I of course did not...but when I looked inside the cover...there was a self portrait of myself with this quote written underneath, "I don't wanna live in a world where fair-catches are as meaningless as pumpkin pie!"

I still believe that! But it wasn't my brightest moment.

So tonight is our revenge game. That Larry Taylor bastard has graduated...but since his jackass coach actually gave him the game ball for cheating against us last year...I would love to get possession...take a knee three times....punt the ball nice and high and then send one guy full speed into their punt returner...and one guy at their will be worth whatever penalty or ejection they give us...I don't wanna hurt them, I just want them to know that they are in fact sacks of monkey shit!

Saturday: Saturday morning is the 5th annual U'Sellis golf scramble! This is usually a fun event...which gets me out on the links for the one and only time each year. Me, Dad, Ben and Ryan will take on the rest of the U'Sellis male folk and we'll battle it out for the golden keg (a mini keg that I drank and then we painted gold!) Gregg's team is the defending champs...but I have a good feeling about this year. Usually, I have little confidence in my golf game...but when I heard last week that Ryder cup champion Anthony Kim (who is leading the tour championship right now) used to play a lot of his rounds hung over...I realized that anything is possible.

Saturday night will be grand as well as two more college friends are coming up to Louisville:

Yup, Roy Lee and Matt are coming up to join Will, Lautaro and me. For the record, Matt is dancing in that picture...and that's Roy Lee's Halloween costume from last year. We all tried to talk him into something else...but he insisted being Santa's Sack. What are you gonna do?

But anyway, the reason they're coming in is to go to the Avett Brothers concert on Saturday night. If you don't know the Avetts....go buy Emotionalism, their latest cd....they are a great great band....I can't wait for the concert.

Sunday: On Sunday I'm going to the Marra family reuinon. The Marras are my Mom's Dad's part of the family...and while you may think that family reuinons are kinda lame I can assure you that this one isn't. Somebody once said that the Marras put the "fun" in "funeral" So you can be sure that a family reunion would be lots of fun!

So yeah, it's shaping up to be a great/busy weekend. I'm looking forward to all of the events and I'm sure to give you a recap next week.

Enjoy your weekends people!

Song of the Weekend: Weezer - Getchoo
Beer of the Day: Coors Light (It's game day)


Roy Lee said...

Yeah...I got nothin'...It wasn't one of my better moments, but hey, at least I can still read in the future...

Brian said...

Yeah...we all have those moments...keep your head're young. Also, reading is hard.