Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Time Weekend

Ok, now I know we all want to get crazy because it's Friday...but we can't. There is simply too much to do!

Just kidding, well kinda. There is a lot of stuff going on this weekend, but it's all it's quite ok to get really excited.

First of all, I will be staying in my apartment for the first time tonight. AHHHHH! It's been a weird week, filled with mixed emotions. The excitement of fixing up my new place, mixed with the sadness of sleeping in my bed at home for the last time has made me feel a bit odd about the whole situation. Right now the edge has to go to the exciting feeling...but I know there is going to be a time in the next few weeks when I really realize that I don't live at home anymore. Damn! That's gonna be tough to handle...but I'm sure it'll be ok. It's a new/exciting/scary/nerve wracking stage in my life...and I think I'm ready.

Tomorrow I get to go to my first UofL football game since I went to school there in 2004. I know, they suck. But hey...I get to tailgate and that'll be fun. Plus, let's be real here...I love my Cardinal Birds and there are few (if any) things I would rather do than drink beer and watch the Cards in action. So yeah, I'm excited...It's because I'm a FAN! GO CARDS!

Ok, the other big thing about this weekend is that it's my Dad's birthday today! Alright Dad! You did it! Another year...wooohooo! wooo! wo! And it's his 60th! ALRIGHT! Man, he's old!

Just kidding, he's actually only 53! But the really exciting thing is that I have a job now...which means I have money...which means instead of borrowing money from him to buy him a cheap present, I can use the money he pays me through his firm for I job I'm not really qualified buy him a kinda nice present!

In all honesty though, when it comes to dads...mine's the best. So in your face! Happy Birthday Dad, I hope it's a good one. And don't worry, I'll call Ben and make sure he remembers. I kid!

Have a good weekend folks!

Song of the Weekend: Ben Kweller: My Apartment
Beer of the Day: Flying Dog - Dogtoberfest

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