Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What ever happened to blue jeans?

After recently putting a hole through the knee of my favorite pair of blue jeans...I decided I would simply go to the store and buy a new pair. Well the jeans I had came from the Gap and they were about 4 years old. I decided not to go to the Gap to get new jeans for two reasons...#1 they are expensive there...and they WILL get a hole in the knee. #2 How the hell are you supposed to figure out what style you want?

If you are intelligent enough to tell the difference between: low rise, relaxed fit, easy fit, slim fit, classic fit, baggy fit, boot cut, straight fit and standard fit, well then you get to decipher the difference between all the different kinds of washes...which I now realize means shade of blue. It's not just dark blue, light blue and regular blue...No it's aged wash, stonewash, midnight wash, classic wash, true blue, vintage wash, etc.

I figured that the gap was just getting a little too cool for school so I decided to just go to Target and find some jeans. Surely Target has less options than the Gap? Wrong! They have more. They have 5 different brands, including two kinds of Levis. As I sat there defeated and pantsless, I figured the glory days of buying just "blue jeans" were I pulled myself together and gathered up 5 different pairs of jeans all my size. I could just look at the jeans and tell if I liked the"wash" or that gave me no problem. The real problem came when trying on the jeans. The first pair(relaxed low-rise boot cut) were way to baggy. #2, slim fit....didn't get them past my knees. #3 (Easy fit, boot cut) felt pretty good in the legs...but felt as if someone had a choke hold on my private parts. #4 Relaxed straight fit....ding ding ding....we have a winner. They felt good all over! I tried on the 5th pair, but it was a waste of time.

I was thrilled with my purchase and couldn't wait to wear them to work the next day. Well, of course when I put them on the next day it was like they had been shrunk the night really felt as though I was going to rip them with every step I took. Once I got to work I legitimately thought I was going to have to go home and change pants at lunch...What the hell happened to my perfect jeans? Luckily as the day wore on...the jeans broke in and as I sit here typing this I can tell you that the from my waist down hasn't been this comfortable in a long time (that's what she said).

So yeah, if you're like me (and Jake) and don't have a need to be on the cutting edge of fashion, be careful the next time you go to look for jeans...because it will be overwhelming at first. However, grab a few pairs that are your size and take a deep breath...then find the one that makes you happiest and move on with your life...that's what I did and my legs have never been happier! Plus, I don't mean to be cocky...but my new jeans make my heiney look exquisite.

Song of the Day: The Thrills - One Horse Town
Beer of the Day: Coors Light (Cards are on at 8 tonight...I'll be there!)

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