Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's up with those college grads?

So all of us here have heard about me and how I am adapting to life after college...but what about those other Centre grads trying to make it in the real world? Between new jobs, grad schools and apartments it seems as though most of them are staying busy...I heard from a few of them recently and here is how everyone is doing. (Also, I'm condensing some of the e-mails they sent me...but I'm not going to change the blame them for the typos this time!)

Ladies first...

Taylor (Grad School, College of Charleston): Things are great in Charleston - I have a pull out couch (come visit). And Charleston is beautiful. Grad school is weird - I expected it to be like Reigelman (Centre Professor) class all the time but it is NOT. It's longer papers and higher expectations but not as fun. Sigh. Being an RD here is way different - they consider it a sin to drink with your residents (HA) so it's not too fun but it pays the bills and I got some friends out of it, so that's good! Several hurricanes are threatening my new home but I suspect they won't ruin the city (fingers crossed!). It's cool to go through a hurricane though! Anyway, come visit and I miss you all!

Leslie (
News and Public Affairs, Vanderbilt Medical Center): I had my first cover story published today! My job basics are that I'm an intern in News and Public Affairs at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Pretty soon, my very pregnant boss at the Children's Hospital will be leaving to have a baby and I'll take over for her. I'll put out a monthly employee newsletter, parent health tip newsletter and report for the board of trustees. I'll also continue to write short articles for the Reporter and other medical center magazines. My next big project is an inside look at autopsy and I couldn't be more excited. Hopefully I won't puke all over my Reporter's notebook. The job ends in December when the un-pregnant lady comes back from leave, but I'm doing my best to wow their pants off and make them want to hire me permanently.

Outside of work, I live very close to Hillsboro Village, which is a happening place to be. There are great restaurants and a even a non-profit movie theater, and it would be a really fun place to hang out (I'm hinting that more people should come visit me).

Leigh (Southern Living Magazine, Birmingham, AL): I
'm living in Birmingham and interning in the corporate communications/public relations department of Southern Progress Corporation, the Time Inc. subsidiary that produces Southern Living, Cooking Light, Health, Cottage Living, Coastal Living, Southern Accents, and Sunset magazines.

***She also wanted me to tell everyone that she's really hard at work (3 mins of work in 4 hours!) Way to go Leigh!

Valerie (Grad School, East Carolina University):
I just moved to my apartment in Greenville and started classes to go towards my Maritime Archaeology masters. There are only 15 of us in the entire program so we do pretty much everything together.

RoyLee (Student Life, Centre College):
I am working for Centre College as the Student Life Coordinator. Been busy with orientation and getting first-year students settled in. In case you haven't been looking at the Centre homepage, there is now evidence that Abraham Lincoln actually was a student here and built Old Centre with his bare hands (sarcasm). This "Year of Lincoln" is driving me crazy! There are life size cutouts of ol' Abe and John Todd Stuart at Jazzman's (coffee shop). I just look on, raise my shoulders and in a high pitched voice say "Really?!?!" In the market for a new TV...hope to have it soon. Miss everyone terribly. If anyone gets ambitious, you can send snowflakes to me in the mail.

Matt (Law school, University of Kentucky):
Law school is extremely time consuming and morally troublilng (now that I know that because of my choice to go to UK, Hunter Cantwell forgot how to throw a football). Actually, it is not too much differnet from Centre, just different subjects and less cool people.

***Note, Matt did let me know that if I ever wanted to get together and cry about missing our deep south girlfriends (he dates Leigh) he would be there for me. Thanks Matt! Also, Matt sent me this e-mail right after the UL vs. UK that Cantwell comment may sound odd.

Will (Grad School, University of Alabama):
I just gave an exam. How about that? I gave an exam that I made. Everything in TTown is great. The Alabama v. Tulane game was great. The Crimson Tide was a bit crappy, but they won nonetheless. What else do I need to include? My office hours are Mondays 1:30-2:30 or Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 or by appointment. Oh yea! How could I forget this!? Probably the biggest news in my life right now is that THEO WALCOTT SCORED A HATTRICK FOR ENGLAND!!! BAM!!

***Note, Will is spending his nights becoming a rap artist...he has sent me some of his work and as soon as I can figure out how, I'll post it so we can all enjoy.

Lautaro (Line cook, Louisville, KY):
i work at shiraz mediterreanean grill as a line cook and dish washer. its pretty easy work, i just dont get paid a lot or work full time. BUT one of the hispanic ladies that works in the kitchen did tell me that she told her 19yr daughter in guatamala(i'm sure jake knows how to pronounce that correctly now) that shes working with a young handsome argentine. so i have that going for me.

i am trying to find a full time job that pays atleast like 10 dollars an hour because that way i can move in with brian into an awesome apartment and be an awesome roommate. i have an interview with some insurance company that wants me to be a costumer service rep. which is good because i wouldnt have to sell anything. so lets all hope i get that.

i have also signed up for an ultimate frisbee league here in louville and that started last wednesday. its lots of fun and hopefully i will get into better shape by running for an hour and a half once a week.

oh, my beloved chicago cubs have kept me on an emotional rollercoster but still lead the nl central. believe.

Jake (Teach for America, Mexico/Texas border):
Life as a teacher is busy if nothing else (although there is a lot else). I'm doing really well overall. I love the teaching part of teaching, but down here it seems that 90% of my job is discipline to ensure that the kids are ready to learn and the other 10% is teaching. I'd say I have two good classes for every one that absolutely sucks. So far I've had kids walk out of my classroom, ignore my instructions, and just generally not care. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, I love what I do and the kids have tons of potential, I just have to figure out how to make
them realize it.

Outside of school, things are good. I have a cool roommate from Massachusetts and we get along really well. My other teacher friends are great too. Last weekend I went with my roommate from training to see the Red Sox play the Rangers in Arlington, which is eight hours away. We left at 9 a.m. Saturday, got to the field around 5 p.m., watched batting practice and the entire game from our seats in the first row of the bleachers (I didn't follow the U'Sellis plan exactly, but my evening did include a hot dog, two bud lights, and a huge basket of cajun fries). While we were at the game we saw Nate Blank, who is working in Dallas as a grocery store fish monger. The game ended around 10 p.m. and we began to drive south. After sleeping for 45 minutes in a Whataburger (amazing fast food, if you haven't had the pleasure) parking lot near San Antonio, we arrived back in the RGV around 7 a.m. Sunday. A great adventure if I've ever had one.

So there you have it gang. Looks these folks are doing well with their transition period. Also, to all you other Life of Brian fans...if you want to send me an update about something exciting about you...feel free. I may even create a little segment every week where we'll "meet a LoB fan" or something.

One last thing...tonight at 10 on FX Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes back on the air...I really enjoy this show, so check it out. Here is a clip from last year that gets a laugh like a quarter of the time.

Song of the Day: Ben Folds - Annie Waits
Beer of the Day: Avery - Ellie's Brown Ale


Wowwie said...

First of all I also love It's always sunny in Philadelphia. Secondly I should have written more my bio looks sad and lonely sitting there. Oh well miss you all and glad to hear what everyone else is doing!

Brian said...

Yeah the bios were all across the board in terms of length...but everyone got enough info to inform all of how they were it's all good.