Monday, September 29, 2008


Here is how I know this weekend was grand...I got a combined 7.5 hours of sleep on Friday and Saturday night, and I have at least three (chest, forearm, right pinky toe) strange pains in my body. So while I sit here and type like the Monday morning zombie that I is a quick recap.

Friday: UofL Game...we got into the game late because we had to wait on Will to get in from Alabama...luckily that gave Lautaro and me about an extra hour of we went into the game in great form. The Cards looked really good for three quarters, then Hunter hurt his ankle and as a team we decided to not think for the rest of the game. Snapping the ball with 8 seconds or more on the play clock while trying to run out the clock, throwing a pick six up by 1 with under three minutes left, wasting a timeout, out gaining the other team by about 230 yards and was a good thing I really didn't have any concept of what exactly happened because of the late entrance and beer...otherwise I would have been really pissed. For the record, Vic Anderson is an absolute bad-ass....he's way cooler than anyone on UCONN's team...or UofL's for that matter.

After the game Will, Lautaro and I decided to head out to some bars. This was made even better because I had to be up by 7 the next day to play golf. But we headed out at 1 a.m. anyway. We went to Cumberland and Cafe 360 (I hate that place) and we had a pretty good time. However, here was the highlight:

Me: "Lautaro, I can't believe you paid my brother with 15 one dollar bills for your ticket!"

Lautaro: "It was tip money I made at the restaurant the other night."

Me (sarcastically): "Oh well, at least Ben can have a good time at the "titter" now with all those singles." talking...he just spits his beer all of himself and the side walk and proceeds to laugh for an absurd amount of time. Apparently he'd never heard a strip club called that before.

The funniest part was that the color of Will's beer coming out of his mouth looked very similar to vomit. It was hilarious to watch the people around us go from being laughing...then to being pissed at how loud and annoying we were...I didn't care though because they were all hippies and lord knows that they've been obnoxious a time or two as well.

Saturday: Waking up a mere 2 hours after going to bed to play some golf is not fun. But, it is funny. When I first walked in to my Dad's house...he and Ryan both laughed at how "tired" I looked and how much I smelled like booze. I didn't care though, I was not about to was a miracle I was even awake. When we got to the course I was feeling ridiculously good except for when I had to bend down to tee up my ball....then I thought I was going to die. Nevertheless, I was absolutely awesome on the golf course. Everything I hit was in the middle of something....mostly the fairway...but I even hit the exact middle of a lake, tree and a few bunkers....I was on fire. In fact so was our whole team. We played an unbelievable round and ended up winning with a score of -10! It was insane because if Dad, Ben, Ryan and I had had to play our own ball all day...none of us would have broken 90...but as it turns out the four of us make one helluva golfer! Shots of the day...Ryan's first tee shot went about 10 yards. Dad holed out from about 45 yards away. Ben and I didn't have any outstanding shots...but we were surprisingly consistent....kinda.

Saturday afternoon consisted of sitting around watching football and then making the Qdoba/Old Town liquor walk with Will, Roy Lee and Matt before the Avett Concert. Lautaro, Sarah and Ben then joined us for the show...which was awesome.

If you ever...EVER...have a chance to see the Avett it. Even if you don't care for their music you'll appreciate the energy and passion they play with. It was like one big crazy rockin' hoe down! I'll try to find a good youtube video of them live and post it tomorrow.
Also, the hippie nation payed us back for our behavior on Friday by throwing one of their finest at us on Saturday night. This girl in front of us was the funniest dancer I have ever seen...she only had one move and she did it at the same tempo no matter what the tempo of the song was. I mean she was Elaine bad...

I really thought she was gonna start grinding on Will during the show...actually I was really hoping she was going to do that. Oh well, consider us even hippies!

After the concert Will, Matt, Roy Lee and I headed to Bearno's for some beer...and what turned out to be terrible Karaoke. No joke we heard people karaoke to "Gangsta's Paradise" and "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" It was...weird.

Sunday I went to the Marra family reunion which was great. A bit low key this year....but sitting on the porch overlooking a lake...drinking a few beers and chatting with Mom and all of her cousins was exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday after a non-stop weekend.

It was a great weekend, great to see all those who came in. But, now it's on to the work week which gets a little longer starting Tuesday.

Oh well...just gotta keep truckin!

Song of the Day: Avett Brothers - Left on Laura, Left on Lisa
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Two Hearted

P.S. Will would probably be a little mad if I didn't at least mention this once....Roll Tide!
If Will said that once this weekend, he said it 200 times...but with a big win for Bama...who can blame him? Oh to be good at Football, I remember that...I remember it well.

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number 2 in the nation!! woo!! roll tide roll!!