Monday, September 08, 2008

Are you ready for some.....Basketball?

I know the NFL season just kicked off and tonight is the first night of Monday Night Football, but I want to talk basketball today. No not because I am giving up on UofL's football team, but because Monday night basketball is starting up tonight...and I'm coming out of retirement.

When I was in High School I was a pretty good basketball player. I'm not trying to sound conceded, I played like 5 nights a week, and I just got really in shape and pretty good at basketball. Well, every Monday from a week or so after Labor day until a week or so after Derby, I used to play basketball with My Dad, cousins, uncles and some other good friends. I had to stop playing when I went away to school...but the league kept on...and tonight, I make my return.

I'm a little worried because when I left I was playing the best basketball of my life. I was in shape so I was able to use my youth and quickness to make some plays. However, as we all know...I didn't play much basketball in college...unless you count shooting on the Michael Jordan Jr. which case I'm an All-Star. So, I'm a little nervous about playing tonight. I know I'm not as in shape as I was, I weigh about 15 pounds more than I did...there is no way I can grab the rim anymore...and I'm just looking to hit the rim on my first few shot attempts.

While thinking about this whole situation...I found out that I could simply use YouTube to show why I should be worried about my ability to play basketball tonight. You see, senior year of high school they picked an intramural all-star team to play a game against the faculty in front of the whole school. I was lucky enough to be picked...and it ended up being a really fun game. I had totally forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when I was messing around on YouTube and found something amazing. Someone actually got some video from the game and made a highlight video with "One Shining Moment" in the background. Hilarious right?

Well in hopes of displaying how I went about life in High is the video. I'm #5 in the Red. My highlights include, playing ridiculously awesome defense against a girl teacher and forcing her into a 10 second count...then over enthusiastically slapping our coach's hand, making a layup, and dishing out a nice assist on a three pointer, I'm also the third person to walk across the screen at the beginning in the yellow shirt, go ahead and laugh...high school is awkward:

What a baller!

Well now it's time for my other YouTube claim to fame. This video illustrates my life in college, which included drinking, cheering for UofL and making an ass of myself. This is Ben and me at a UofL pep rally in Charlotte for the NCAA tourney this past March. What you CAN see is us drunk, stupid and excited. What you CAN'T see is Denny Crum standing about 2 feet away from us. You also can't see the 2 or 3 hugs I made Denny give me for good luck!

So as you can glory days of PLAYING basketball are behind me...while I fear that I am still in the middle of my glory days of drinking and WATCHING basketball. That's why I'm nervous.

Oh well, regardless it should be a great time tonight...and it'll be nice to exercise again. Watch out Becky!

Song of the Day: The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Deer of the Day: Schlafly - Oktoberfest


Dot said...

Interesting to know.

Brian said...

What does that mean? Who are you?