Thursday, September 25, 2008

Career Boost!

We all know that in my grand scheme I will soon be part owner and manager of my very own brewpub here in town. There are plenty of things that will allow this to work, but there a few things that are proposing small problems. One of the main problems is that I have never worked in a restaurant. I've read about it, I've eaten in lots of them...but I don't really have much on my side in terms of experience. However, today I got a big boost.

Today at Lunch I had a meeting with a man who runs a bar here in town...three bars actually. He is a very nice fellow and he is doing me a favor that is sure to help me with my future.

Starting next Tuesday...for about the next 10-15 weeks...I'll be an official employee at O'Shea's family of pubs here in Louisville. However, I won't be just any employee...I've been granted the great ability to take a very in-depth crash course on restaurant/bar management.

O'Shea's is easily this best pub in Louisville...they have a great atmosphere, drink selection, location, etc. They do everything well and they do it the right way. The bars Flanagan's and Brendan's also belong to these folks and those bars aren't too shabby themselves.

So like I said for the next 10-15 weeks, I'll be working every Tuesday, Wednesday and most Friday's from 6-11 at one of these pubs. I'll probably work mostly at Brendan's and O'Shea's with a few trips to Flanagan's as well. I'll be learning all aspects of operations in a bar and restaurant, spending time as a host, bartender, dishwasher, chef and manager among others. I'll get to learn how to deal with customers, how to fix drinks, how to manage people and how to deal with drunken buffoons.

It's going to be a bit time consuming, but it's going to be extremely helpful as well! As I said when it comes to Louisville bars...O'Shea's pubs are the best around...and learning from them is surely going to help me get the Brouha House up and running. So if you plan on heading out to one of these fine pubs in the next several weeks and it's on a Tues, Wed or Fri...keep your eye out for a bearded man following an employee around and trying not to break/ruin anything...that'll be me, soaking in the massive amount of information it takes to run a great bar! I'm pumped...this is huge!

***Also, I want to remind everyone that the office is on tonight at 9 on NBC!!! Here are some YouTube clips to get you all in the mood.

The first one is a montage of all the "That's what she said" jokes ever on the show. Man, finding all of these and putting them together must have been really really hard.........that's what she said.

This next one is a collection of pranks that Jim has played on Dwight...easily my favorite part of the office.

This last one is the top 10 Jim and Pam's a little cheesy, and I don't know why there's a lame song in the background, but, I love Jim and Pam and watching this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Don't forget to watch!

Song of the Day: Brian Brody - Seven Drunken Nights (Click link and go to bottom for a free download)
Beer of the Day: Guinness

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