Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fun!

Woooo-hoooo! After I thought it was Friday all day actually IS Friday today! I was totally going to come on here and rant about how much I hate the process of buying new jeans...but that can wait...because last night I found something hilarious.

Have you ever looked at yearbook photos of other people and wished you had lived in a time when fashion was totally bitchin'? Well wonder no more. Thanks to you can now find out what you would have looked like if you would have graduated high school between 1950 and 2000!

The process is simple, find a picture of your face without anything blocking it...hats, bangs, glasses, etc. I chose this picture of myself:
Pretty scary lookin' guy right? Actually this is the only picture I could find without hair somewhat in my face...and I like to look at this picture and shed a tear for the greatest beard I have ever grown...may you rest in peace sweet beard!

Anyway, find a picture of yourself and then upload it and crop it a bit and then look at your year are the highlights of my yearbook.




Awesome huh? I think 1960, 1970, 1984 and 1988 are my favorites!

So, go try it's sure to keep you entertained for at least 10 mins. Then, if you wish to share your funny photos with the entire life of Brian community, send me your favorite and I'll post it on here sometime next week.

Have a great weekend boys and girls!

Song of the weekend: Counting Crows - Anna Begins
Beer of the weekend: Magic Hat - Jinx

P.S. I'm leaving the survey from yesterday up through the weekend...I'll post the results next week.

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