Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sticky Situation...

So I realized I have a problem and I need some help. I have noticed that I have a large number of stickers laying around my apartment. Stickers from concerts, sporting events, restaurants, different cities...everything. Some of them are actually really really cool too. Some I have even had for over 5 years. I know this doesn't seem like a problem...and it's not a problem having the's a problem because I don't know what to do with them.

I want so badly to just slap one on something I kegerator, my computer, my brother, etc....but I just can't make that commitment. Stickers just seem so permanent. I mean, not only is it a pain in the ass to take a sticker off...obviously defacing the item on which the sticker was planted...but that sticker can't ever be used again.

While thinking about this problem last night I realized why I am so cautious with's because growing up I use to love playing with colorforms! For those of you unfamiliar with colorforms...first of all I'm sorry you missed out...secondly, they were like static-cling stickers that you could peel and place everywhere. They usually came with a piece of cardboard that had a scene on it that served as the background...then you would take the colorforms, usually cartoon characters, and place them as you wished. Here is a nice smurf set:
The possibilities were endless. You could make them as creative as you wanted...they use to entertain me for hours at a time. But, the best part was that there was no thinking involved (for the record...any activity that involves almost no thinking...A+ in my book). If you put a smurf in a place and immediately regretted your decision...who cares! Just move it.

Well the colorform technique of peeling and re-placing has really casued me harm in my later life....especially with stickers. You see when you have a bad-ass gotta think out where you're putting that bad boy. I mean that opportunity is a once in a life time thing! If your sticker is placed off center or an inch above where you had're screwed. You're sticker is ruined and you have no choice but to rip the sticker off and then goo-gone the crap out of whatever you were dumb enough to stick it on.

This big long rant really just comes down to one thing...I need your help Life of Brian fans...what should I do with all of my stickers? What do you do with your stickers? Please help me! Colorforms have warped my fragile little mind!

I have to do something with all of these stickers. I owe it to them to stick them on something...because a sticker that hasn't been stuck...well that's just a cool design on a piece of paper...and that just ain't right!

Please help!

Have a great weekend!

Song of the Weekend: The Whigs - Production City
Beer of the Weekend: Samuel Smith - Oatmeal Stout


StickerMania6513 said...

frame them...collage...that's what I do

Leslie Hast said...

First of all, I had that smurf colorform, and I loved it as a kid! I never knew it was called a colorform though....

Second of all, I agree with stickermania6513 (and judging by that name, I'd guess s/he is an expert). You should buy a pretty piece of matte board (it comes in all colors) and arrange them. And then you can add more as life goes on and you'll have them forever.

john r said...

hey, for sure do a collage. i used to cut out interesting ads or faces or alcohol pictures or political sketches or fun things from magazines that i thought were cool and just keep them. and one day i realized i had all these random little clippings around. so i taped them all to a piece large posterboard, framed it and then hung it on the wall. if you did this with you stickers, you could arrange them on their to your fancy and keep them intact and forever in your possession. but also, you could easily remove the framed poster (unlike if you put stickers on a refrigerator) taking it off the wall or whatever. plus, if you grow out of liking a sticker in the collage....which most likely will happen at some point, you could easily just put another on top of it. it would be a constantly changing piece of art with a few current stickers but also plenty of memories of yesteryear. hope this helps. im just adding on to the opinions of the two people before me.

Brian said...

Not a bad idea gang.