Friday, October 30, 2009


I usually am in a pretty good mood on Fridays just because of the weekend. However, here are some other reasons that I'm in a good mood today.

*Taylor is in town

*I'm heading here:
in about 45 minutes.

* In addition to Taylor I get to see...Will, Danielle, Roy Lee, Matt, Leigh, Jake, Leslie, Lautaro and Sarah among other fine Centre folk.

* Tomorrow is Halloween

* We get an extra hour of sleep (partying) tomorrow.

* This Video:

* We get to start celebrating Christmas soon

* From now until January 1st marks the best time of the year

* Did I mention I'm going to Centre to re-live college for two days?

Yeah...things are pretty good right now.

Happy Halloween to all! Have fun and be safe.

Song of the Day: Guster - Homecoming King

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