Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* About 30mins ago I dropped the final portion of my grad school application into the mail box. All that's left to do now is just to sit and wait and hope. I haven't really been nervous about getting in or not...until this afternoon. Let's hope for the best.

* The CrapBags won an unbelievable game this week. After Matt Schuab scored almost 40 points for the opposition my hopes were all but crushed. Then, Mr. Brady got his gusto on and gave the Bags all he could by giving us 51 points and an 8.5 point cushion heading into Monday Night Football. Sadly, the other team still had Antonio Gates. However, even though Gates had 5.4 points at half time...he only ended with 7! The Bags are now 3-3, but more importantly we're only a game out of 1st place!

* Without trying I realized I'm apparently going for some kind of Candy Corn eating record. I mean I can't control myself. I love Candy Corn!

* So far Leslie is the only one who has signed up for No-Shave November. Seriously, no other takers? Come on, everyone likes Beards! Even if you don't...just give it some time...they'll grow on you! (rim shot) Hahaha!

* Sometimes I go back and re-read some of the older posts on the blog and it is alarming how many mistakes I make. My favorite that I noticed recently was on the post in which I talked about my top5 favorite shows that I don't watch...it was titled, "Top 5 shows I wish I washed" I'm only about month from becoming illiterate. Come on Grad School.

* As if it didn't suck enough that I don't get to go to the Monsters of Folk concert on Halloween, now they're having a costume contest and the winners get backstage passes and get to be onstage during the show. Ugh!

* Here's the best Tweet from T-Will's Twitter page recently: "Who ever get the board walk on monopoly we can split the money 60/40 so go to McDonald's an let's get this money" The guy is hilarious.

* Lautaro turns 24 tomorrow...what an ancient Argentine. Cumberland Tuesday to celebrate!

* For ever and ever when people have asked who your celebrity crush is, my answer has always been Kate Beckinsale. Often, people thought I was crazy. We'll who's crazy now:
Heeeeey-Ohhhh! That's right, Esquire named her the "sexiest woman alive." For realsies, go watch Serendipity and try to disagree.

* It seems like there was one more thing that I was going to mention today...oh yeah, I'm heading to Charleston to see Taylor in the morning! Woo-hooo! I'm pretty excited to say the least, I'll be there until Monday so blog posting is going to be random. I will say that I'll post at least once before the end of the week, but I'll also say that it won't be tomorrow...because I'll be driving all day.

Hasta Luego Ned!

Song of the Day: Ben Sollee - Built For This

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