Friday, October 09, 2009


For some reason it seems like this week has lasted FOR-EV-ER...but, it's over now. Also, lots of fun stuff going on this weekend. Here are some cool things about today and this weekend...

* First off a big congrats to Ben and Megan, they both passed the bar! Woo-hoo!

* Taylor's conference comes to an end tomorrow and she'll make her way back to Charleston. I know she's not stoked about the long drive and I know she's enjoyed the conference...but I haven't had a chance to talk to her very much the past few days and it sucks. Luckily, tomorrow night she'll finally have some free time.

* The annual U'Sellis family golf scramble is tomorrow. We're defending champs and we're looking to repeat! Luckily, I've played golf exactly 0 times since last year's that means I haven't wasted any of my good shots.

* Tomorrow night I'll get so see some long lost college that's exciting!

* Sunday we're going to scope out some possible venues for the wedding. We looked at a couple this week and let me tell makes it all seem a lot more real when you look at these places. It's pretty cool.

* Anyone see Matt Holiday take one off the man parts last night and blow the game for the Cardinals? In the words of Scott Van Pelt, "That's an error that hurts in more ways than one."

* Also, I still believe that Kragthorpe is gonna resign after tomorrow nights game. Please!

* Picked up a few cds from the Ear X-Tacy used bin the other day (I know, I know). I got Hollywood Town Hall by the Jayhawks and Sweetheart of the Rodeo by the Byrds. They're both very good albums, but I don't know if they're so good that I'm gonna rush out and get the album artwork tattooed on my never know though.
(That's an inside joke because my buddy TJ actually has this tattooed on his arm)

That's all I've got for today. Have a great weekend everybody.

Song of the Day: The Byrds - You're Still On My Mind
Beer of the Day: BBC - Bourbon Barrel Stout

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