Monday, November 02, 2009

I Miss College

It's weekends like those that make me realize that college was the best.

I have to admit that before this weekend I was a little worried that this homecoming would be different in some way. Last homecoming I had only been out of school for a few months and I had still seen everybody a healthy amount. However, as this year came around we were all another year older and part of me was unsure how it would affect us.

Let's just was even better then last homecoming.

It was so awesome to see everyone again. Taylor and I got down to Danville on Friday night and headed to Guady's with Roy Lee, Danielle, Jake and Leslie. We enjoyed our "Danville Specials" and then headed back to campus to meet up with Matt and Leigh and wait for Lautaro and Will to arrive. Soon, the whole gang was back and it was just like old times. The usual catching up conversations were minimal because we all pretty much knew how everyone had been. Instead, our conversation were the same as if we still all went to school together.

Saturday came and it was more of the same. We all wondered over to the Centre football game for a while, but for the most part we hung out together, watched football, ate pizza and played Fifa. My favorite part of college was always the fact that everyone lived within walking distance, so hanging out became so easy. Now, on a usual Saturday afternoon, Lautaro and I will watch football and eat pizza and it's great. However, it's a lot more enjoyable with 8 or so of your best friends.

Saturday night we all dressed up for Halloween and danced, played flip cup and even had a jagger-bomb or two. It was exactly how we would have spent a Saturday in the Fall of 2007...and it was as much fun as you could ever imagine.

We've all gone our separate ways again. Louisville, Charleston, Tuscaloosa, Lexington, Texas, Nashville, etc. But, it's good to know that we'll always be able to go back to Danville for a weekend and relive the glory days.

Centre College is the best place on the planet...I really really believe that.

Have a great day everyone. Pictures and more homecoming stories will appear throughout the week.


Song of the Day: Blink 182 - Dammit

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Wilhelm von Rall said...

Geez, If we'dve done jaaaaaaagahbombs and listened to "Dammit," I'd say there would have been a 100% chance that Roylee's apartment would have collapsed.