Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Shave November

Alright gang, I have decided to participate in "No Shave November" and I suggest you other fellas out there do too. Here is how it works. On October 31 all the participants will shave their faces. Then, we'll let nature do it's job and grow it's hair. Everyone will be allowed to shape their beard by shaving their necks and parts of their cheeks, but once your beard is just have to let it go. Trimming of the overall beard is not allowed at any time in November.

Then, every November Sunday (1,8,15,22,29) we'll take a picture of our faces and then we can all share them to see how weird everyone's beards are.

I know this may seem like a lame and pointless thing to some people, but beards are awesome and we should celebrate them. So, if you want to sign up...just let me know and I'll get you on the participant list.

I hope you guys sign up...hip-hip-hooray for beards!

2 additional notes:
1.) If you are participating and you have something serious come up (job interview, wedding, etc.) you are allowed to shame and no one will make fun of you. However, if you shave for no reason...we will all make fun of you.

2.) In addition to my weekly picture, I'm going to try to take a picture of myself everyday...and then make a time lapse thing to see how cool it will look. It's going to be sweet.

Have a good one! Also, Happy Birthday Matt C!

Song of the Day: ZZ Top - La Grange

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