Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Guess who's back, back, back, back again....

* I'm back from Charleston and I just have to say...it was a great time. We didn't do too much, but getting to spend some quality time with Taylor is something that I never get enough of...so it was perfect. In addition, Taylor will be arriving in Louisville tomorrow at 5:30! Yeah! Only 1 day out of 12 that I don't get to see her at all...I'll take it!

* The CrapBags lost a heart breaker due to Brian Westbrook's concussion. We were only down 11 points heading into MNF and we still had Westbrook going. Sadly, he only gained 13 yards before he was shelved for the game. The Bags season is not looking any brighter because Andre Johnson is injured and Ochocinco and Tom Brady have byes this week. Also our running backs are awful. We need help.

* Is there anything more frustrating then waiting for someone to return an e-mail? No, there isn't. There has been a mixup between UofL and Centre and for some reason my transcript hasn't arrived yet. I've been e-mailing back and forth all day trying to get it figured out...but for some reason the lady at UofL decided to just stop with the e-mails. So now I'm just in this weird limbo stage where I'm not sure what's happening. I'm gonna have to just call them...stupid technology.

* UofL has their first basketball exhibition game tomorrow night. If someone has tickets and doesn't plan on using them....holla at ya boy! (This goes for all games this year!)

* Here are UofL's new unis! I'm diggin' the shorts.
That's Rakeem Buckles. His nickname is "Rock". He is a stud.

* When I got home last night I fired up my computer and checked my e-mail and such. Then, I was given some computer virus....it's magical. It also won't go away....hooray.

* I have got to stop spending money on things. From now on it's bologna and water until I get my bank account in better shape.

* I'm getting my haircut in less than 3 hours. YIKES!

* You know what I noticed during my 9+ hour drive yesterday? Two things actually. 1.) I love my car, even if I were rich I don't know that I'd get a new one. 2.) For the most part I don't mind Semi drivers, but the ones who don't know what they're doing are the worst drivers in the whole world. If I'm going 80 and you're going 58 you should never ever ever ever ever ever evvvvver get in front of me in the fast lane...ever.

* The biggest news of the week is that Taylor and I will be headed to Danville on Friday to attend Centre's homecoming! Last homecoming was a blast and I'm sure this one will not be any different. I can't wait see everyone.

That's all for today.

Song of the Day: The Walkmen - The Rat

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