Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

It's me Mario...I'ma gonna win.

* Good news kids! I found out today that I don't have to have mouth surgery to get two teeth implants! Two of my bottom molars just didn't grow in when the baby teeth were lost. I got spacers for those things when I was like 13...but, one of them broke recently and my dentist told me that I would have to go through a long, painful, expensive process to get teeth implanted there...or else my teeth would start moving around. As it turns out, he is a liar. My dad was a the dentist today and asked him about it and he was like, "Oh no, his teeth are still growing so we wouldn't want to put an implant in there right now." So I got that going for me.

* Last night Lautaro made me watch the worst TV show I have ever seen. It was called "Dating in the Dark" Basically, they take three guys and three girls and let them go on like four dates to get to know each other. Buuuut, they have to have these dates in rooms that are pitch black. The audience can see them because of the night vision goggles that the camera is wearing...but the people don't have a clue what the other looks like. Although it's funny to watch them feel each other's face. Anyway, after 4ish dates it appeared that love was in the air for all 3 couples....then they got to see the people. Two of the girls immediately had second thoughts and decided to leave the dudes. As it turns out...looks do matter... a lot! Lautaro...you owe me an hour of my life back.

* Our little fellas are all growns up...
There is a huge part of me that is sad to see those dudes in pro jerseys...but there is also a big part of me that knows those smiles in the pictures are because they just recently achieved their life long dream of playing in the NBA...and they became millionaires. Congrats again guys! T-Will does look pretty good in that red though doesn't he?

* So every time I get upset at the Braves they pull within 5 of first place. So I'm not going to sit here and praise them for being only 4.5 out. I'm gonna continue to say that they still need a few more bats in the lineup if they want to be taken seriously. But, seriously...Chop to the Top Braves!

* Brooks and Dunn apparently decided to call it quits today after far too many years of making music. That sound you hear is the entire world not giving a crap. Sorry if I offended any Brooks and Dunn fans out there...either of you. It's just not my cup of tea.

* Update out of Charleston, Taylor is preparing for the final for her summer class (while also working like 10 hour days). After Thursday she'll be one class closer to being a master of English. You can do it, dear!

* Apparently tonight there is going to be some crazy awesome meteor shower. The annual Perseid meteor shower (or something or another)! I read that if you want to see it at it's best in North America, you should look at the sky between 12 - 5 a.m. If someone is actually up at this hour and it's really cool...feel free to call me. But, if you call me and wake me up and it's not "cool" I get to round house kick you in the face...twice. If you're unsure of its coolness, you can just take a picture and e-mail me tomorrow.

* And finally a few words of wisdom from some surfer guy

Oh so you just ride the barrel and then Whoopaw! and you get in and then Ahhhh! I think I understand now, thanks for clearing that up.

Have a great Tuesday!

Song of the Day: Neko Case - Running Out of Fools
GRE Word: Obviate - To anticipate & make unnecessary

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