Friday, August 07, 2009

Seriously Folks, Stop Trying To Enter My Rage Cage...

Alright here's the deal...

I'm a laid back dude, I really am. I don't like confrontation, I don't like arguments and more often then not I just prefer to make a joke about a situation that appears to be on the verge of conflict.

However, there have been numerous instances recently when people have just pissed me off. Like I said, I think I try to be a peace maker...but every once in a while a button gets pushed and I'm forced to regulate...Last night was one of those moments.

I have been going to trivia on Thursdays at Bearno's every week since May. I go because it's something to do. I get to hang out with people I like and drink $2 beers. It's fun to win too...but we usually don't. So, with the exception of the occasional curse word...I don't get too upset if we lose.

Last night our team was having a good time. We were doing pretty well floating between 3rd and 6th all night. But, early on we noticed how annoying the table was behind us. Not only did they cheer loudly after every correct answer (seriously, act like you've been there before...a high five is plenty), but also some gelled up hair wearin' dude on their team kept looking up answers on his i-Phone. In addition, he did so under the table so no one could see, and then tried to convince his teammates that he knew the answer. Sometimes his teammates wouldn't believe him...but often they would...because he appeared sooo confident in his answer and he tended to be correct.

Now then, we noticed the blatant cheating but after examining this person we decided to let it slide, he clearly didn't have much else going for him. I mean honestly, it's Bearno's trivia...who cares? Here's where it gets good...

The last question was asked to us and we wagered 15 points. It was about the periodic table, so clearly my brain was of no use. Instead of trying to act like I knew anything I said, "I'm going to the bathroom, whatever you guys want to answer is fine with me." So I went to the bathroom. When I came back Tilley had drawn a friggin' periodic table and figured out what he thought was the best answer. I was damn impressed. No one else had a clue, so we went with his answer. I was our team's recorder all night, meaning I was in charge of writing down all of our answers. So I sat down and Tilley handed me his work and I began to write down our answers. But, while I was writing I hear this from behind me..

"Are you serious? I can't believe you just went in the bathroom to look up the answers."

I stopped writing, turned around and replied to Mr. Hair Gel, "Excuse me?"

Then gel man said, "I mean it's a little suspicious that you would go to the bathroom and come back and immediately write down the answer."

We all tried to brush it off and laugh (maybe not me so much) and then he kept on.

So I told him to mind his own business and get back to his i-Phone. But, he kept on. Tilley showed him his friggin' periodic table...the dude ran his mouth.

Finally, I told him off a final time and just turned around.

Are you friggin' kidding me? What the hell was wrong with that guy? Why was he watching as I went to the bathroom? I think he has a crush on me. Maybe he has tiny man parts and he's trying to make up for it?

I dunno, but I was hot. The man had stepped in my rage cage and I wasn't about to back down.

Luckily he minded his own business after we served him a fresh cup of "Shut the hell up" and then we went on to place second with his i-pod loving team finishing 3rd because they didn't have the guts to wager 15 points on the final question.

So yeah, suck on that Mr. Hair Gel...suck on it a real long time and then suck some more...and just keep sucking on it!

I realize this was a long story and perhaps one where you kinda had to be there. But the point is this...I'm a calm dude, but don't act like an idiot and then accuse me of cheating...because then you'll be in my rage cage.

And we all know that you don't wanna be in my rage cage...because it's a good way to die!

I'm calm now...have a good weekend.

Song of the Day: Warren G - Regulators
GRE Word: Impecunious - Lacking funds; without money

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