Thursday, August 27, 2009

Age, Booze and Creativity...

I recently went into a store to buy a bottle of bourbon and saw a girl with a cart full of heaven hill vodka, Bacardi razz and Bacardi o...I also noticed she was on the phone trying to be quiet while obviously getting other booze orders for her underage friends. She looked at me as if I was going to rat her out, but I just smiled and moved on. As I paid for my bourbon I thought to myself, "It sure is nice to be able to buy whatever alcohol I want."

That is the beauty of being over the age of 21.

However, I was talking with Taylor the other night and we were discussing how our creativity, when it comes to social events, has been ruined by our ability to drink legally. If I were going to do something with my friends this weekend it would undoubtedly revolve around having drinks somewhere. There's nothing wrong with this, I like drinking and I like seeing my friends, but it just kinda takes the fun out of it. There are literally 30 bars within walking distance from my house and even though they all look a little different, they all pretty much serve the same's just kinda sad.

The reason this is so sad is because of how creative and stupid and fun the last few years prior to turning 21 are. Take senior year high school for example, I always wanted to hang out with my friends, but we couldn't just go to a bar and have a few drinks...we had to come up with something to do. Now a lot of the time we'd just sit in my mom's basement and watch a game or something...but often we just did things just to do them. We would go to Target and look for random things to buy on clearance. We'd go to fast food restaurants, throw frisbee at a park, etc. It was innocent, it was fun...and it was much more creative then just going to a bar.

When thinking about this whole "going to a bar vs. creativity" thing I was reminded of a hilarious and dumb thing that my friends and I did in high school....I'll share it now:

Do you all remember the soft drink dnL? It was like 7up upside down?
Well it was a pretty gross soft drink, but my buddy Tom was always in to these weird drinks (Pepsi Blue, Sprite Remix, etc.). Anyway, Tom found out that Super America(now Speedway) gas stations had coupons for 50cents off of a 20 oz bottle of dnL. To make things even better, Kroger had 20 oz bottles of dnL on sale for $1....also Kroger doubles coupons up to 50 cents. See what we have going on here?

I'm not lying to you when I say that for like 3 consecutive days after school my buddies and I would drive around to Super Americas, take their entire stack of dnL coupons and then go to all of the Kroger stores around town and buy all of their 20 oz bottles of dnL...for FREE. We may have had to pay tax, but I don't remember. Anyway, we literally ended up with like over 100 bottles of dnL...which is probably why I'm about 95% sure that a single sip of dnL today would put me in a coma.

Now to you this may seem like a really lame story about a couple of losers killing time in high school. While you'd be mostly right, the point is that those three days after school were ridiculously fun. I mean honestly, what a stupidly awesome story...we totally stuck it to Kroger!

My point is this, I like going out to a bar and having a few drinks with my friends and I love being able to pick up a 6 pack at the store. However, it makes me a little sad that people's stupid creativity and ability to entertain themselves seem to die after turning shouldn't be like that. If nothing else, beer and booze should make us MORE creative.

Anyway, this something different for a change. Channel your inner 18 year old and figure out an unusual way to entertain yourself...I think we'd all benefit from it.

*Note: How awesome would it be if there was a gas station coupon that allowed you to get free beer from Kroger? That would be the would totally blow my mind. It would be like a perfect meeting between pre-21 and post-21 Brian.

Have a good Thursday.

Song of the Day: Counting Crows - Anna Begins
GRE Word: Vex - To annoy; to bother; to perplex; to puzzle

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