Monday, August 24, 2009


I've had an extremely busy day so this post is going to be really short.

My Grandma had a yard sale this weekend and let me tell you it was hilarious. Aside from seeing all the weird people who come to yard sales, there was one moment that absolutely cracked me up.
So, this car comes and parks in the drive way...where all of the stuff was located. The person didn't pull up so far that they knocked over anything, but it was clear that the driveway was off limits for parking. However, before getting out of the car, this individual proceeded to hang their handicap sign from their rearview mirror. I could do nothing but was very well played.

I know this is the lamest/shortest post of all time, but after a dentist trip, picking Lauren up from school and a hefty assignment at work that had to be done by tomorrow (not to mention the guitar lesson I'm headed to in about 5 mins) it has just been a busy day.

Oh well, more tomorrow gang.

Song of the Day: Aretha Franklin - You Send Me
GRE Word: Feign - To give false appearance or impression.

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