Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Let's get it...

* I'm not one to predict the end of the world or anything...but this is getting crazy.
In the last year Louisville has been hit with a hurricane, a terrible ice storm and now crazy flooding. Not to mention the earthquake we had just over a year ago. It's insane. I mean I woke up and there were just sheets of rain pounding my window, followed by hail and then more rain. My drive to work normally takes about 6 minutes...today it took me about 25.

I don't know what's going on, but it's kinda creepy. Stay safe out there everyone.

* I'm getting my haircut in an hour. Gross!

* As I was driving to work this morning I realized that I should make a mix to listen to whenever it storms. My Morning Jacket - Dondante is the only surefire song that is on the list so far. Feel free to give me some suggestions.

* This just in...the Braves suck at baseball. They got things going in the right direction for a while and then they decided they'd rather just play a nice game of grab-ass instead of trying to score runs. I mean who loses to the Padres? Honestly?

* The NBA schedule came out today. I'm pretty excited since T-Will and Earl will both be in the league. Cardinal fans will get to see Earl on TV 18 times this year. T-Will will play on TV exactly zero times. Apparently the Nets are not good. Thankfully, the one thing I know T-Will will continue to do in the pros is end up on SportsCenter. So that'll be nice.

* A woman who recently graduated from Monroe College in New York is suing the school for $72,000 (her full tuition) because she can't find a job. Really? I mean really? This is what it's come to? I tell you what, I for one would not want to go to Monroe College...not because they can't get me a job...but because this lady is a graduate and is a complete moron.

* That's all for today. Stay dry folks!

Song of the Day: Paul McCartney - Calico Skies
GRE Word: Empirical - Based on observation or experiment

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