Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Funday...

It's Friday...Wooohooo! Sadly, I think I'm coming down with some kind of cold or something because I feel pretty terrible right now.

Nevertheless, we must march on. Except today I'm just going to post some cool videos I've seen lately. So here you go...

*Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel in Scrabble:

Shaq really is hilarious...which makes it even more disappointing that "Shaq Vs." is so terrible. However, I'm lobbying for "vagonadO" to be a vocab word on the GRE.

* Wilco was profiled on CBS's Sunday Morning recently...see:

It really is bizarre that Wilco isn't more popular then they are...they're a great great band.

* Here is some great stuff from the Avett Bros!

Telling Time

Late in Life

Those are some jamming dudes. If you would like the audio to those videos, you can get the MP3s here.

*Finally, we have this gem from Fail blog. No wise cracks about the title of the video either...

It has to suck being old.

That's all for today gang. Have a great weekend.

Song of the Day: The Jayhawks - I'd Run Away
GRE Word - VagonadO - A fabricated body part that is shockingly gross and disturbing.

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