Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Hey There...Tiddy bitty bang bang...let's do it.

* First off, I'm just going to let it be known that today's tidbits are pretty uninspiring. So, if you're coming here today looking for some awesome bit of info...it's probably not gonna happen. Just wanted to crush all hope of a great blog day before your hopes got too high.

* Now then, let's roll with our new lower...but still optimistic expectations.

* I went to the dentist yesterday and they had to put a temporary spacer in my mouth. Let me tell ya, it's killing me. The left side of my mouth is throbbing and the right side is all pissed because of the abundant amount of chewing it has had to perform lately. Needless to say, my mouth is not happy.

* So really, let's move on past this whole "Summer" business and get on with Fall. I want Chili, sweatshirts, pumpkin beer and football...NOW!

* So I've been on an undercover "operation dump Becky 8.0" and this one is working better than the past 12 operations. I've set no goals for myself and I'm just trying to exercise when possible and eat less. I've lost 5 pounds this past month. Feel free to check out my hot bod next time you see me. Sadly, I look about the same as I did before...

* I wanna give a "Good Luck" shout out to Taylor today as she attends her first day of classes for the Fall semester. She only has one class today, but it's 3 hours long. I'm sure you'll do fine, but good luck anyway, dear!

* Speaking of Taylor, only 8 more days till I head down that way for an awesome 10 day vacation. Jealous much?

* Great news, ESPN is going to broadcast the USC vs Ohio St. game in 3D this year! Yeah, after reading the headline of that story I was super stoked...Then I realized that they were only going to show the broadcast in certain movie theaters across the nation. Plus, you can't buy tickets you have to win them. So really it's not all that cool. But, the idea is something that I want ESPN to continue to mess with.

* Finally, Paste has a great list of 25 Indie Films to Catch This Fall. There are several on there that I want to see, but these three are heading my list right now.


It Might Get Loud

Youth In Revolt

Movies are fun!

Alright guys, those are all the amazing tidbits I have for today. I'll try to do better next time. Have a good day.

Song of the Day: Spoon - The Underdog
GRE Word: Sate: To satisfy fully or to excess

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