Monday, June 01, 2009

10 Cool Things about Today...

So I had a blast this are 10 important things from the weekend and today.

1.) Daniel and Jessica's wedding was on Saturday and it was a blasty blast! See:
There were tons of Centre folk at the wedding and it was an all around great time. Congrats to Jessica and Daniel.

2.) Also congrats to Drew and Breanna...they also got married on Saturday! Tis this season.

3.) Today is my little step-sister Lauren's birthday. Happy Birthday Lauren...the fact that you're 14 makes me feel about 50 years old.

4.) I read somewhere over the weekend that there is a new Guitar Hero game coming out and it features a lot of cool bands, including...My Morning Jacket! Byahh!

5.) The Cardinal Nine play Vandy in the regional championship tonight. I went to two of the games over the weekend and had a great time. I'll be heading out there again tonight and I'm hoping for a much better performance from the Cards compared to last night. GO CARDS!

6.) Otis, Taylor's cat, is getting better! He does have kidney disease, but with proper medicine and care he should be able to live a pretty normal life. He's not back to 100% just yet, but he's getting there.

7.) I was hoping for a Nuggets vs. Cavs NBA finals. Of course it's the Lakers and the Magic. I guess I'll cheer for the Magic, but only because my hate for Stan Van Gundy is just slightly less than my hate for Kobe.

8.) Speaking of the NBA...check out these two fine young men as they prepare for the Draft later this month.
Mr. T-Will

Mr. Earl

I miss's official.

9.) Conan O'Brien makes his "Tonight Show" debut tonight on NBC. I think Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam are on the show. Note: There are no words to express how happy I am that he is taking over for Jay Leno...I can't stand Jay Leno.

10.) Since Taylor has been home and the summer has kicked off I feel like my life has been a non-stop tornado of activity. There always seems to be something going on and something else that I could be doing. While I do feel a bit warn down sometimes, I love it. It's wonderful having her home and it's been great to see a lot of friends and family in recent weeks that I haven't seen in a while. Hooray Summer!

Enjoy your Mondays! GO CARDS!

Song of the Day: Wolfmother - Dimension
Beer of the Day: Bell's - Two Hearted Ale

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