Monday, June 29, 2009

Well This Sucks...

Annnnd just like that...she's gone again.

I've had an extra pep in my step the last 6 weeks and it has had nothing to do with the warmer weather. No no, it was because Taylor was home for summer break (if you can even call it that).

However, now Taylor is on her way back to Charleston to begin her 2nd, and final (Hooray), year at the College of Charleston. When Taylor left last year I was sad, super sad...but I was in the midst of a transition myself, so my sadness could be cured a bit. Yeah the task of beginning my life as a college grad and moving out on my own would often distract me just enough to not be just totally down and miserable.

But now, she's leaving a again and even though this will be the last time she "moves" sucks. I was hopeful that this time around wouldn't be as bad, but I was wrong.

The reason it sucks so badly is because, not too be cocky, that girl and I are pretty good together. In no way do I think we are the best couple in the world, we have our fights and disagreements....but she brings out a side in me that no one else can...a better and happier side. (I'd like to hope that I do the same for her). It's not that I'm completely miserable without her or that I lack the ability to enjoy my life without's simply that I feel my best when she's around.

So yeah, I'm got a little mushy today on the blog. I didn't write this to get that "Oh, Brian's such a sweet guy" reaction. No no, I simply wrote it because the past 6 weeks have been a blast and it sucks that Taylor left today.

But, as pessimistic as I can be at times...I'm going to try and remain optimistic today. Because the fact that I miss her and the fact that I feel better when she's around probably means that I've got a pretty good thing going for me. So instead of feeling down, I'll try to just feel as upbeat as possible. Because I'd rather have a Taylor in Charleston then no Taylor at all.

Alright, you can go ahead and give a good, "Ah, how cute" I think it's ok.

Song of the Day: Jack Johnson - Taylor
Beer of the Day: BBC - Altbier

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