Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 5: Things about Vacation

I'm not going to lie...I'm already on vacation (mentally). So today I thought I'd just give you guys my top 5 favorite things about taking a vacation to the beach.

5. Going to the Grocery.
I love getting checked in to my place of residence for the next week and then heading to the grocery to stock up on all the things that make my tummy smile. Cereal, sandwich fixins, beer, juice, gatorade, Dunkaroos, Gushers, etc. I love to get things that I normally don't buy at home. I'm not sure why...I just do.

4. The Smell
I think the recipe is something like this:

2 parts sun tan lotion
1 part sand
1 part saltwater
a dash of sweat
a twist of lime

I'm not sure if that's exact, but you know what I'm talking about. I like to take the same towel and t-shirt to the beach everyday and make sure that smell gets on them nice and good so I can take it back home with me. Then I sniff my towel and t-shirt for days until the smell is gone...and then I cry.

3. Kadima
Some may call this paddle ball and they would be wrong (paddle ball has a ball attached to a rubberband). Kadima is the 2nd best sport of all time behind Pool volleyball. There's no competition, there aren't rules and the only way to keep score is to see how many times you and your friend(s) can hit it back and forth without it dropping. It's the best!

2. Napping
I love naps anytime...but vacation naps are the best. I like to either sleep under an umbrella at the beach...or I like to nap when i've been out at the beach for a long time and I go home into the air conditioning and take a little snooze until it's time for dinner. If napping were a sport I'd be an all-star. If beach-napping were a sport...I'd be a friggin' first ballot hall of famer.

1.) Day Drinking
It's noon and you've had three beers. You want a margarita? Hell Yes. Do you want to know why you want a margarita? It's because it's vacation and all plans are flexible. To me there are few better feelings then sitting on the beach with an adult beverage and realizing that's it's 11:47 a.m. on a Tuesday. No one tells you to stop because everyone in the whole world is envious of you at that moment. Even Lebron James would probably rather be me on that Tuesday morning...because that's about as relaxed as it comes.

***Sometimes I even like to call people that I know are at work and ask them, "Hey what are you up to?" When they reply that they are working...I giggle and then tell them that I'm drinking a beer on the beach in their honor. It's mean, but it's great...and I'm an a-hole. Also, when you are the person at work and you receive that sucks...a ton...but since you've been on the otherside can appreciate it. Keep your cell phones near!

I'm going to be totally useless from now until I get back from vacation!

Song of the Day: James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind
Beer of the Day: Brooklyn - Summer Ale

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