Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...


* I was hoping that the second day back from vacation would be better....but no dice. I'm sluggish and sleepy. Hopefully tomorrow I get back in the swing of things.

* Not only did John and Kate get divorced on last night's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" episode, but TLC announced today that the show will go on hiatus until August. I have two questions about this whole thing. 1.) When did this become the biggest gossip in the nation? I mean it's just two people and their kids. 2.) How can anyone who has watched that show for more then just this season be surprised that they are getting divorced? I mean I watched it quite a bit with Taylor over the last few years and by my judgment Kate believes that Jon is and always has been a terrible, stupid, human being who has never done anything correct in his entire life. Now it is sad that they got divorced and the last few episodes have made Jon look like the bad guy...but I can't really blame him...that woman is the devil.

* Alright, enough Jon and Kate gossip...my head's about to explode. But, since everyone's Mondays are free now due to the Jon and Kate hiatus, I would like to suggest that everyone watch "Run's House" on Monday nights instead. "Run's House" is a reality show about Rev Run (from Run DMC) and his family. Without a doubt...it is my favorite reality show of all time. I really hate reality tv...but I love "Run's House". It's on Mondays at 10 on MTV.

* The Avett Brothers have pushed back the release of their new album "I and Love and You" from August to September. This may seem like boring news to most...but I'm totally bummed.

* However, I do have some good news from the music world! Jim James, M.Ward and Connor Oberst have teamed up to put out an album this September called "Monsters of Folk". I love all three of those guys so to say I'm excited...well that's just not gonna cut it. It's gonna be amazing!

* After work today I get to take on the task of changing the strings on my guitars. I picked up a new set for my acoustic and electric yesterday due to Craig's suggesting. However, I don't really know how to change the strings. He kind of explained, but I'm not really sure. It should be pretty wild though, wish me luck.

* The NBA draft is almost here and it looks as though LoB's two main men will both be going in the lottery on Thursday!
Rumor has it that this guy has a promise from the Bobcats with the #12 pick
and this guy has a promise from the Suns at #14
I'm beyond stoked for T-Will and Earl. They make me proud to be a Cardinal fan. Also they've both been getting a good deal of press lately. Here is a fantastic article written about Earl on ESPN.com (Seriously that is one of the best/most in-depth sports articles I've ever read). Here's an article about T-Will and his workout with the Bobcats and Michael Jordan. Awesome awesome awesome!

* One last thing, Happy Birthday Benjam USalli. He turned 26 three days ago!

That's all the tidbits for today. Come back tomorrow for a pretty big time post!

Song of the Day: Jay- Z - Song Cry (Unplugged)
Beer of the Day: Harpoon - IPA

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