Friday, June 26, 2009

10 Things I Like and Dislike These Days...

Haven't done this in a while...

*LIKE: The NBA Draft. Actually, overall, it was a pretty crappy draft. However, there was only one college that had two players drafted in the lottery last night. The school? The University of Louisville.
I'm excited for T-Will and Earl, I really do think they will both have stellar NBA careers!

* DISLIKE: Brandon Jennings. This is the kid who went to Europe to play for a year instead of playing college ball. I thought it was a stupid decision then and I still think it's a stupid decision. Here's an even worse decision...He decided that since his stock was dropping a bit, he wouldn't be present at the draft last night. He made the decision because he was afraid of getting embarrassed by sitting in the green room all by himself as other people got picked. However, he went 10th to the Bucks....then he decided he'd make an appearance, right after Earl got picked by the Suns. No joke, they announced Earl and then said, Oh yeah, Brandon Jennings is here now so lets interview him and stuff. Everyone was confused and it totally took away from Earl's spotlight. So congrats Brandon, you now suck in more ways then one.

* LIKE: Night Racing at Churchill Downs. They put in some lights at Churchill and after a lackluster performance last week the people at the Downs have promised not only more beer, but also cheaper beer! Needless to say I'm headed out there to blow some money tonight.

* DISLIKE: The Passing of Michael Jackson. I know he was a crazy/weirdo/creep show for the past decade or so, but that man changed music. I still love his earlier songs and his dance moves will forever make me jealous. It's a shame he was such a strange man and an even bigger shame he passed so soon.

* LIKE: The Fact that it's Friday. I really do love Fridays. Churchill tonight and catching up with some old friends tomorrow...should be a good weekend.

* DISLIKE: This Time of Year. After seeing T-Will and Earl highlights last night, I found myself in desperate need of UofL sports. I mean it's June and the only thing on the radar is what appears to be a miserable Football season...and even that is over two months away. Ugh!

* LIKE: Yim Yames. MMJ frontman Jim James is set to release a 6 song ep tribute to George Harrison. James, who is now going by "Yim Yames" recorded the songs several years back after Harrison's death, but has just recently decided to release them. Beatles + My Morning Jacket...well that's right up my alley.
* DISLIKE: Trivia. We once again failed to take home some Bearno's bucks last night. I will admit that I wasn't 100% focused because I was following the draft. I will also admit that some of the questions were total B.S. Hopefully we can get it going again next week.

* LIKE: I and Love and You. The Avett Brothers have made the title track from their new cd available on their website. I've only listened to it once, but I like what I hear. It's too bad they pushed the release date back a whole month.

* DISLIKE: Charleston, S.C. That bastard city will once again steal Taylor away from me on Monday. I don't want to talk about it too much because I want to enjoy my last few days with her...but let's just say that I am the exact opposite of happy.

Have a great weekend all!

Song of the Weekend: Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
Beer of the Weekend: Newcastle Brown Ale


Doug said...

Honest to God, is it really Yim Yames, or are those just funky J's?

Brian said...

Oh yeah, it's Yim Yames for sure.