Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

You know what to do...

* Remember last Tuesday when I showed you guys the "Beatles Rock Band" video and then all the other tidbits after seemed meaningless? Well the same thing is about to happen this week. The reason...the return of Zack Morris!

I gained a lot of respect for Mark Paul Gosselaar after watching that. The Roots helping play, "Friends Forever" was just icing on the cake. If a Saved By The Bell reunion really does occur...I will be pumped. That show shaped me more then I'd like to admit.

* Hey I bet you guys were wondering what LoB's main man T-Will has been up to...you weren't? Oh well, here's an awesome video of him preparing for the NBA draft with Gary Payton

I love that guy more than I love any other stranger in the world. It's so nice when players come from across the country to play for your team. You get to watch them grow up and become attached to the city as they mature into grownups. T-Will makes me proud to be a UofL fan and he represents everything that is great about college basketball. I dare you to tell me otherwise.

* So I'm still pretty pissed at the Braves, but I do have to give a tip of the cap to the ol' skipper, Bobby Cox.
Yup, Mr. Cox (who represents everything that I love about Baseball) recorded his 2,000 win with the Braves last night. No matter how pissed I get at the Braves, as long as Bobby Cox is on the bench...I'm rooting for them. Congrats and Thanks Mr. Cox.

* Big news from the music world...Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are teaming up to make an album together. There aren't many details on the project yet, but the idea is very exciting. Oh yeah, they're gonna let Ringo play drums too.

* Lots of talk about whether or not Magic rookie Courtney Lee blew the game by missing a last second alley oop layup the other night in the NBA finals. My take? Oh yeah, he blew it. Was it harder then it looked? Yes. Was time running out? Yes. Is Lee and Rookie? Yes. Was it still a layup? Yes. Is Lee a professional basketball player? Yes. Was it a layup? Yes. Did it cost the Magic the series? Yes. Tough break for the kid, but let's not lie to ourselves...you gotta knock that down.

* Don't forget that tonight is Cumberland Tues....day! $2.75 pints all day long at Cumberland Brews. I'm still trying to decided if it should be called, "Cumberland Tuesday", "Cumberland Tues" or Cumberland Brewsday" Thoughts?

That's about all I've got for today children. Have a nice Tuesday!

Song of the Day: The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud
Beer of the Day: Magic Hat #9

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