Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Facts...

Alright...lots going on today/this weekend. Here are 8 facts for ya.

1.) The Cardinal Nine play the first game of their Super Regional against Cal St. Fulerton tonight at 10:30 on ESPN2. The Cards are big underdogs in the series...but I'm not betting against them. Game 2 is Saturday at 5 on ESPN. GO CARDS!

2.) Family cookout and then a little get together going on's gonna be the bomb-diggity!

3.) NBA finals started last night with the Lakers beating the living snot out of the Magic. My take on the game? YAAAAAWWWWWWNNN

4.) DMI is on a bad bad losing streak in Thursday night trivia. The first few rounds were not bad last night...but then it all came crashing down. I think a name change might be in the mix. We've got to do something to get the ball rollin' in the right direction again.

5.) I need to give Francisco a bath this weekend. So if you see me...please ask me if I have done it yet. If it's past Saturday and I tell you no...please slap me in the face.

6.) I think this weekend is going to mark the first time I go swimming this summer (watch out ladies!). After the work of putting in the liner in my Mom's pool and getting everything else ready...I think it's time for some pool volleyball (aka the greatest sport of all time).

7.) Tomorrow I am for sure going to see "The Hangover". That movie looks hilarious.

8.) Finally, Paul Simon performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the other night and he played, "Late in the Evening" with the Roots. It still blows my mind that the Roots are the house band for Jimmy Fallon...but whatev, it's cool. Here's the performance...I dare you to keep your hips still while groovin' to this jam.

I wanna be friends with ?uestlove. He's awesome.

Have a great weekend all!

Song of the Weekend: Paul Simon - Late in the Evening
Beer of the Weekend: Bell's Oberon

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