Friday, May 15, 2009

10 things I like and dislike these days...

Time for the latest installment of likes and dislikes.

* Like: Early Beatles Songs. I tend to get on Beatles kicks from time to time and as of late I've been listening to their first three albums (Please Please Me, With The Beatles, Beatles For Sale). While I love that early Beatles raw sound, my favorite thing about these songs is how well they fit onto a mix. I made a Beatles mix the other day using a lot of stuff from those three albums and I was able to fit 31 songs on an 80 min CD. Usually if you get 20 songs on a mix you're doing pretty well, but 31! That's insane. Just another reason to love the Beatles.

* Dislike: Trivia. I don't really dislike trivia, but we came in 4th place last night, which means I'm just upset with trivia right now. I think by next week I'll be ready again.

* Like: This YouTube Video:

That's genius.

* Dislike: The Economy. Ok, it's all fun and games when tons of people lose their jobs, but now this crappy economy is effecting me. Turns out Paste magazine is in some trouble. Those of you who read regularly know that I love Paste and I often mention it on here. Turns out they need some help and if you donate you'll get a bunch of free music exclusives from bands such as The Avett Brothers, She and Him, The Jayhawks, The Decemberists, Neko Case and more. If you are interested in helping out please go here to make a donation.

* Like: Greg Paulus. Yup that little twerp from Duke has decided that he'll go to grad school for a year and try to play football at Syracuse University. This is a "Like" because UofL plays Syracuse in football this year and since UofL will probably not have much to cheer about this year, the thought of a nice blind-sided sack on Mr. Paulus is a reason for me to look forward to football season.

* Dislike: Greg Paulus. I hate that guy, he sucks more then any one has ever sucked before. Please just go away!

What a turd.

* Dislike: Pam's Jump Serve. So the office was pretty good last night, but Pam's jump serve bothered me. I like the whole, "Pam is good at volleyball" idea. But, her jump serve was painfully awkward in my opinion. She just kind of hopped and grunted. I dunno, maybe I'm being too picky...I just thought she could do better.

* Like: Kige Ramsey. I'm not really sure what the back story is on this guy, but it seems as though this guy is a big UK fan who has also become a YouTube sensation. I don't know how long he's been around or what, but I do know that if you need some pointers, he's one of the best sports instructors around.
Here is him demonstrating how to properly throw a baseball.

So you just grip it, "do all the stuff major league baseball players do", and then you let her rip.

Here are his instructions on how to properly shoot a free throw.

Hmm, pretty good. But if I were a coach I think rule #1 would be to locate the free throw line and step behind it. But hey, he's the one with the instructional video.

* Dislike: The Passing of Wayman Tisdale. Tisdale lost his battle with cancer today. He was a star basketball player, award winning jazz musician and by all accounts a tremendous human being. Here is a story that ESPN ran about him back in December, it talks about his battle with cancer and his refusal to stop smiling. You really should read the article, the world just lost a great guy.

* Like: Tomorrow. Yes, I've been excited about it for some time, but tomorrow is finally the day when Taylor comes home for her 6 week summer break. I know it may not seem like a long time, but considering I've seen her for a total of less then 6 weeks the past 10 months...I'm mucho excited! I can't wait to see her.

Alright guys that's all for today. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Song of the Weekend: Pearl Jam - Parachutes
Beer of the Weekend: Magic Hat - Wacko

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