Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm No Superman...

Whenever one of my favorite shows goes off the air I always feel a bit sad...almost as though a good friend of mine is leaving town. That seems extreme to say, but it's kinda true. There haven't been too many shows that have left me feeling that way (Friends, The OC, Seinfeld) but tonight I have to say bye to another one, Scrubs.

I was a Sophomore in high school when Scrubs first debuted and from the first episode I was hooked. Now I'm not saying that I've never missed an episode, but I've always followed it and always laughed out loud while watching. From Dr. Cox's rants to Turk and JD's guy love to the Janitor's weirdness...I love the show. I mean honestly, I enjoy and laugh at every single one of the characters. It's hard to find a show where every character plays such an unique and important role...but Scrubs pulled it off.

There have been talks about having another season of the show, but with most of the main stars leaving, the producer has already commented that if they do continue it will be very different...kind of a Frasier to Cheers relationship.

So tonight is it hour long episode to bring together a show that has entertained me through high school, college and beyond. I'll have my dvds of the show and the re-runs will always be there too...but tonight I'll be a bit sad as I have to bid farewell to the great set of characters that made Scrubs so great!

Here are some videos to help ease the pain:


JD and Turk...a special bond

Farewell Scrubs!

Song of the Day: Lazlo Bane - Superman
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